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Happy festive season – nepchin

With 2010 coming to a close, the team here at nepchin want to wish you and all you families a safe and happy holidays season where ever you are. Hope 2011 brings you and your loved good health and a prosperous new year.


Don’t have time to run around finding what you need?

With the concept of nepchin being something relatively new, we thought we would put together a few examples in real life where using would make your life easier.

In this first one, we understand that often we just don’t have time to run around finding what we need to buy.

“Life is full of so many priority 1 things. They were all supposed to be done yesterday! Whether you are a busy housewife ensuring kids are dropped and picked from school on time; they don’t miss their French lessons or swimming lessons; they are ready for the big match on Saturday; read on …..”

Chance to win Amazon Gift Vouchers and Mongolian Cashmere just for trying nepchin

It is always great to try new things and even better if you can perhaps win something.

With this in mind, we have put together a few competitions to make trying a little more fun and there is no entry fee to participate.

Surprise Prize

One of the easiest competitions is the ‘Surprise Prize’ competition. Just sign up to as new member. If you become member 777, 888, 999 or 1000 you will win the prize of a gift voucher. see Terms and Conditions here.

The next two competitions are ones to show how nepchin can be used as the starting point to buy things.

Do you have something that is just strange, obscure, not many people would know about, something just weird? Try the ‘Most Unusual thing to buy’ competition. Just post the ‘most unusual thing’ you want to buy, if we select it as the ‘most unsual’ then you win a USD$100 gift voucher. The most unusual might difficult to get, so if you post it on nepchin, we will start shouting it out over the social media channels Twitter and Facebook page that will notify as many people as we can. see Terms and Conditions here.

Ok you might not have something unusual, but you have something that is just really hard to find! who sells what you are looking for? where are they? so we have a competition for that really hard to find thing to buy. Post something that is ‘hard to find’ on and if we select it as the hardest thing to find, you will win a ‘Mongolian Cashmere Scarf and Beanie’. Again we will broadcast it out to our Twitter and Facebook page to see if we can help you find it. see Terms and Conditions here.

We are always looking to come up with ideas for new competitions or prize sponsors who would like to partner with us so feel free to send in your suggestions to us at

It is going to be interesting to see what people post as the ‘most unusual’ and ‘hardest thing to find’. Good luck with the competitions.

Get Sales Leads – nepchin

Doing business these days means not only having competitors on your own street, your own city but people from other cities, other countries thanks to the internet. Globalisation and technology has lowered the barrier of entry to market and everyone has to pre-occupy themselves with standing out like a needle in haystack. Search Engine Optimisation this, social media that, for the chance that you might be found in the millions of search results listings or heard in the deluge of cyber channels. After all this, have we made a sale yet?

It’s hard now just to provide the best deal when people can’t find you or don’t know about your offer. So you have to spend good hard earned cash to get your message across if that is possible against the deluge of corporate advertising budgets. But why do we have to do this? Why can’t the ‘Buyer’ whomever they are, where ever they are tell us what they want, you are the best in your business that’s why you are around, you will give them the best possible offer. Why do we have to be good at SEO, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever the next things is going to be? We sell the best products and services at the most competitive prices.

so do something about this, we created a place called, a starting point, a place where ‘Buyers’ can post what they want to buy. ‘Sellers’ need only go to the same place to view what they want to buy or automatically get notified. Clutter free and just need to focus on the sales lead and make a competitive offer to close the sale.

It’s a big shift to do this, but we can do it together. Spend more time converting and converting sales leads and less time advertising. Start by visiting and sign up to list your business to start receiving sales leads. You will be part of history in shift the paradigm.

Shifting the power to Buyers – nepchin

nepchin was born out of trying to help people buy what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We created a place on the web where ‘Buyers’ post what they want to buy and allow ‘Sellers’ to come and make offers.

At the moment, if you need to buy something, you spend lots of time searching on the internet about the products or services, then try and look for the right suppliers, may be read through millions of search results, work out if the information is accurate, determine who has the best deals, manage inquiries, who has time to do all this? why do we have to do this? and after all this, have you got what you wanted originally? Crazy all the time and effort you need to spend to do this – such a waste of one’s precious time, effort and money.

We had look at what was happening to see if things could be done differently and better.

The first part was finding the ‘Seller’, someone to give your hard earned cash to. The ‘Buyer’ is the one who has to do all the work to search, analyse and look for the ‘Sellers’ who they give their money to. This is made all the more complicated these days with most people having to use the internet and the amount of information and websites one has to deal with.

If we could just somehow notify all the ‘Sellers’ what we want to buy, surely they are the best people to tell us if they have anything to sell to us. Ok, so we created – a place on the web to let anyone ‘Post what they wanted to Buy’ by just describing as if you were talking to someone. Now ‘Sellers’ have a place where they can go to see what ‘Buyers’ want.

The second part was then choosing what we want to buy and from whom. Doing this by email, it quickly becomes who sent what, when did they send it, and instead of spending your time working out what is the best deal for you, a lot of it is spent going through your email war chest. Ok, to help ‘Buyers’ spend more time deciding, in nepchin we let ‘Seller’s submit offers which we file and manage. We also let you ask each other questions help close the sale.

What now?

It’s not hard, we can all do a little bit to shift the power to us the ‘Buyers’. The next time you want to buy something, just try ‘Posting it on nepchin’ and you will have made history by contributing to shifting the paradigm.

Hello from the team at nepchin!

We have finally started our blog and a big shout out to all our friends, family and new members to nepchin. You guys and girls rock! Your views, comments, ideas, frustrations and above all unwavering support continually motivates us to drive nepchin forward so a very big thank you.