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Don’t know where to look?

Sometimes in life, we just can’t find what we need to buy because we just don’t know where to look. Often we don’t even know where to start. Why should we though. I only have to buy this one thing just this once and this world somehow expects us to be able to find it with apparent ease – it just doesn’t work like that! But why not? How many of us know where and how everything is sold in this borderless world constantly shaped by the internet and mobile technology. Read on.


Helping new businesses get sales leads

If you have ever gone at it alone and tried starting your new business, good on you. It’s tough to get the courage to start something, whether it is a new restaurant, a new bookshop, a new sports shop or maybe a new professional service like graphics design, well done in getting it going. nepchin understands, we are in the same boat!

Most of us, aren’t really the marketing type and with the sophistication of the Internet, it’s harder to get noticed and even found. As a new business, once you register the business, send an email to all your friends, if there’s enough money left over build a website and this is all before you might even get any business in the door. Also don’t forget about listing in the phone book so prospective people might call you – that is if they know who you are.

So after we get the business all setup, what’s the next step? How do we get new sales leads? How are the customers going to find me. Maybe list in the local paper, maybe do a letter box drop, maybe hand out flyers at the train station. It’s a real struggle unless you are a big business with a big budget who can swamp the Internet, TV and newspapers.

To help businesses with this problem, nepchin said what if we can send you sales leads when we hear about them.

As soon as a Buyer ‘post a need’ of something they want to buy (i.e. a sales lead) we immediately notify the relevant business. You as a business then receives a free sales lead and all you have to do is make a competitive offer to try and win their business. No marketing required there. Just concentrate on winning the business. Saves the Buyer time and effort from searching for you, and we help you save time and money on sending sales leads to you.

If you think getting free sales leads will help your business, sign up at and we will send you sales leads as soon as we receive them.

Like to earn some extra dollars and have a website?

Do you have a website? Think nepchin is cool?! Make your website work for you by joining our affiliate marketing program to helps us grow. What is our affiliate marketing program you say? Nepchin’s affiliate marketing is where, we reward you for bringing people to our website to become new members. We will reward you for helping us to grow. It’s simple, just click here to get started.

Help to raise money for Queensland Floods Appeal – nepchin

As a start-up, we try to make every dollar count and given the Queensland floods every dollar is going to be even more important to help rebuild lives, families, schools, hospitals, towns and cities. So the team here at nepchin, want to do our bit to help raise money.

For every ‘post a need’ submitted on, nepchin will donate AUD$1 up to 300 new posts for $300. Just go to and ‘post a need’ to help raise money.

Queensland floods – nepchin

I have just caught up on the devastating floods in Queensland. The magnitude of the situation is just mind boggling and the many thousands of people effected by the terrible tragedy. Just can’t even comprehend it, just unbelievable.

If anyone, their families or have friends affected by the floods has any needs for help, supplies, blankets, clothes, food, medicine, someone with a truck, inflatable mattress, however small, big, specific … please let us know, we will try to use nepchin to help you find it.

A small town might just need water, or someone in a remote location needs medicine, or somewhere needs a truck to pull out debris, or someone needs a dingy to get across the river, or maybe someone needs a flood light, extension cord …. whatever, just let us know, we can post it on or you can do it yourself, and we’ll try and reach out through our social channels on twitter, facebook etc to find it.

Our thoughts and wishes are with those affected in Queensland.

need to buy from Japan – nepchin

Have you ever needed to buy something from another country? Say you had visited Japan, and it is something you can’t get in your home country.

You have to wait til someone goes overseas to that country and you ask them if you can make purchases for you. It would be a little more convenient if someone in another country could see what I want and go get it for me and send it back.

Some friends need me to buy some items from Japan, instead of sifting through emails to find out what they want me to buy and in what quantities, I have just asked them to post it on nepchin for me to see. Just easier to manage, I can see what quantities, I can see pictures of the actual items. The beauty is also that this allows my other friends in Japan to also help out and see what people want to buy and help them get it for them as well. I can send a referral link to my friends.

So, this is just simple example where using is useful to trying to get items from overseas. We don’t have to wait til someone goes overseas, I can post it on nepchin and see if anyone local can help me out or they can send it to their friends or someone they know.