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Examples of Safety Products – nepchin

In one of recent blog posts, nepchin talked about construction and building supplies that can be sourced from one of our business listings, ChinaFind, who are western procurement professionals in China. In this post, they talk about Safety Products that can also be sourced for you. see some of the examples they have:

“We have a wide range of safety products such as Pedestrian Crossings, Traffic Cones, Traffic Speed Control, Cable Cover, Barriers & Fencing, Wheel Stoppers, Signage and Parking Locks. here are some examples that we can procure for you. There are much more in each range.

Rubber Pedestrian Crossing

Assembled from vulcanized rubber modular parts. Surface contains anti-slip raised studs. Can be fixed to the ground via expansion screws and bone connector.

Traffic Cones

European Standard PVC Cone
Much more durable than PE or Rubber traffic cones. Flexible cone body with high impact resistance Brighter color than PE or rubber traffic cones

Flexible Traffic Cone
10x Longer life than Rubber or PE Any fluorescent color can be produced Meets US standards

Lane Divider
Lane divider get flexible flag with color installed on a base, so the lane dividers are very easy noticed by driver. The flag with reflective sheet of the lane divider work normally in night and bad weather.

PU Flexible Post
These flexible posts are made from high grade PU. After an impact or being flexed they will quickly return to their original shape.

Rubber Traffic Cone
100% Rubber flow-molded “one piece design” means no seams to split or tear, as well as easier stacking.

T-Top Delineator Post, T-Top Stacker Cone, Vertical Panel
Designed for maximum visibility, quick setup and low maintenance. Convenient T-top carry handle, moulded in bolt hole for flashing light, recesses for reflective bands. Tested and certified to meet the crash worth requirements NCHRP-350

Traffic Cone Topper
With its 4 way connectivity, it is very easy to use and proves to be a quick and effective way to restrict access.

Traffic Speed Control
Import speed bumps, speed humps and other traffic control accessories from China.

Arrow Speed Hump
High visibility yellow rubber and reflectors enhance visibility and alert drivers

Guardrail Reflector
Imported high quality PMMA from Japan ensures these reflectors have a long service life with high performance. The reflective properties are optimised so that night glare is not a risk to driver safety.

Indoor Convex Mirror
Suitable for shop interior, supermarkets, entrances to roads, parking lots and any other corner where increased visibility or theft protection is required. Long life can withstand UV exposure.

Outdoor Convex Mirror
Suitable for shop interior, supermarkets, entrances to roads, parking lots and any other corner where increased visibility or theft protection is required.

Portable Speed Bump
Removable speed bumps are the perfect way to slow drivers without having to install a permanent speed bump. Ideal for situations such as temporary school zones, crosswalks etc. Removable speed bumps are simple to deploy and maintain.

Railroad Crossing Pad
Railway crossing pads are used between the railway lines at a crossing to allow smooth vehicle passage and maintain tire traction on the road. The pad is made from rubber with a textured surface for increased traction. Much safer than concrete applications as it will not crack or cause similar safety issues.

Cable Cover

5 Channel Cable Protector
Occasionally you just can’t avoid running cables or hoses across the floor. To help with these applications we offer a cable protector designed to save your valuable cables and hoses from vehicle damage. These cable protectors also provide safe passage for vehicles across potentially hazardous cables.

Fire Hose Ramp
For protecting hose and cable, is made of reinforced solid rubber, can be supported about 20 tons. It is easy to install, there are the connectors at the bottom and reflective strips on the surface.

Pedestrian Cable Cover
Pedestrian cable covers protect power cables, telephone lines, water and temporary gas lines from vehicle and foot traffic, also minimizing the risk of tripping. The cavity accepts one line up to 25mm diameter. They can be joined together with the L–connector system to meet your different length requirements.

Barriers & Fencing

Anti-Dazzle Panel
Use to separate lanes or roadways the panels block approaching car lights from the opposite direction.

Barricade Light and Solar Barricade Light
Visual distance up to 500 meters with two 6v 4R25 batteries running in parallel. Total running time on each batter is up to 700 hours. Light sensore turns the unit on automatically at night/low light conditions.

Chain Lock, Plastic Chain
Furnished on a stand compatible reel, this polyethelene chain is made from light-weight trouble free plastic with up to 50kg loading capacity. Available color combinations are: White, Red and White, Black, Black and Yellow.

Corner Guard
Black rubber with reflective yellow film the corner guard has high visibility and easily catches attention of an approaching driver day or night.The durable rubber protects both the vehicle and the structure during an impact.

Dock Bumper
Made from high-strength rubber, protects the delivery platform and vehicles in the warehouse.

Flexible Traffic Seperator
Made from Durable Plastic by Injection Expandable from 420mm to 3500mm Detachable Rubber Legs to Enhance Reliability

Wheel Stoppers
Wheel Stop
Prevent vehicles from going past a certain limit thus protection both the vehicle and the wall/structure from damage. Available in Black/Yellow color and also black with a yellow reflective strip as per the examples below.

Folding Sign
Plastic folding safety sign printed on both sides. Lightweight and versatile these signs are excellent for effective safety communication with employees or customers. 2-sided sign folds easily for convenient storage and portability.

Parking Locks
Import parking locks from China, save your parking space or prevent unwanted vehicles entering your premises with these high quality parking locks made in China.”

Anyone need safety products?! If you anything related to safety to import from China, you can start by just posting your need on nepchin and the professionals in China will be notified by email of your requirements. Also for a limited time, anyone who ‘posts a need’ to buy from China goes into a monthly draw to win the book: “Where East eats West: The Street-Smarts Guide to Business in China”. This book is now used in the MBA curriculum for schools at Boston College, Rutgers and Colorado State University.


nepchin – sponsor of Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students

nepchin is delighted to announce our continued relationship with the Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students, also known as SUAMS. SUAMS work hard to help Malaysian students adapt to life in Australia when they come to study and also actively promote cultural awareness and diversity.

Last year nepchin started by supporting their Orientation Week in 2010 and also becoming a sponsor to their efforts in organising Malaysia Festival – MFEST. Well done to Logann Mahadaven (2010 president) and the SUAMS team, for an outstanding 2010.

This year, nepchin would like to warmly welcome the new 2011 SUAMS President Andrew Ng and his team Josephine Tan, Claire Wong and Kuan Lin Tan. nepchin will be a SUAMS Silver Sponsor and we are looking forward to working with the SUAMS team starting with 2011 Orientation Week. nepchin are giving them a helping hand with some 100 lecture pads to give away to their members.

It is great that Andrew and team are giving up their time to help other fellow students. nepchin encourage everyone to get behind and support the team as best they can. If you are interested in providing Sponsorship and/or supporting them you can contact Andrew at: or post a need on nepchin to reach them and others businesses for invitation for sponsorship too (including us at nepchin).

Winner “Suprise Prize” for new members – nepchin

Lastest winner of our ‘Surprise Prize’ for new members is Vicki from Congratulations Vicki! Nice to have you be part of the nepchin community. If you like to learn more about empowerment, you can reach her through her website or by posting a need on nepchin.

For new members who have joined nepchin, they automatically go into our ‘surprise prize’ competition. It’s really easy and there’s no effort involved. When members join nepchin and if they are our 777th, 888th, 999th or 1000th member, they get a surprise of a USD$20 voucher.

Winner of “something hard to find”

Another competition winner to announce is for ‘something hard to find’. Often we need to buy something that can be rare, not commonly available, not current, limited quantities or might just be at a unique place we have never heard of. This is where broadcasting it out to everyone what you are looking for, can help you find something, because they will know if they have it or they might know someone else who might have it.

The title of the post selected as the winner of ‘something hard to find’ was: “Flora of New South Wales, V:4” which is a book of Flora in NSW. The book is pretty hard to find especially this version as it is out of print and has 4 volumes that covers all native and naturalised vascular plants of New South Wales. Well done to Waz who wins a Mongolian Cashmere Scarf and Beanie.

If you have something hard to find, post it on nepchin and we will broadcast it out to the www and try and help you find it.

Winner of “most unusual” thing to buy

nepchin has been running a competition the last few months to help people find and buy the most unusual thing. There was a whole range of posts and the winning entry titled: “Designer Ring” from Tabita T was selected as the “most unusual”.

The “Designer Ring” that Tabita was looking for, was a vag badge that her friend wanted. It’s a little obscure to find and not commonly known. So well done to Tabita for trying to help her friend out. Tabita wins a USD$100 gift voucher from nepchin.

If you have something “unusual” to buy and dont’ know where to start, just Post your need and nepchin will broadcast it out to on our social channels such as Twitter, Facebook page and to all our members to help you try and find your unusual thing!

Examples of Construction and Building Supplies from China – nepchin

In our last post nepchin, talked about our new business listings from ChinaFind, western procurement professionals based in China, who can help you source whatever you need to buy especially Construction and Building Supplies. nepchin were asked what kind of Construction and Building Supplies that could be sourced. So we have gone and asked the Professionals abit about what they can source for you and here is what they have had to say:

Price competitiveness of Chinese glass is very high due to the large volume and established international market for Chinese glass. Almost all markets are primarily importing glass as opposed to manufacturing.

Advantages: glass can be produced to any size or specification and can be fitted with frames or additional labour intensive work carried out in China at low cost such as treating or polishing.

Insulated Glass Units & Double Glasing

There are all types of flooring. Any material used as the finish surface of a floor, such as boards, bricks, planks, tiles, carpet, laminates, and linoleum.

The most popular type of wood flooring is hardwood flooring, with an increasing popularity of bamboo floors.
Increase efficiency of building with floor tiles. Trials have shown up to 300% increase in heating and cooling efficiency by increasing the radiant conductivity of the surface area. Instead of using timber or carpet, use tiles to help owners save on their energy bills. The life cycle of tiles are much greater (examples of tiles from B.C. can be found today) and they can be recycled. Cleaning and upkeep costs are also lower.

Tiles & Mosaics
Bricks & Paving
Wood and Faux Wood Flooring
Acrylic & Laminated Flooring
Bamboo Flooring

Frames and profiles
Think outside the square. No doubt the frame or profile you will weld together will have been imported from China, why not have the welding done in China as well? Windows and doors can be pre-fitted with frames and larger constructions are possible only limited by the size of a 40’ ocean freight container.
For windows, internal fittings (e.g. mirrors, signage, banisters )
Building Frames
Door frames
Garage & Roller door frames
Warehouse shelving and storage solutions

Due to labour costs and high production volumes China is a very good source for flat packed cabinetry supplies. Made to specification and broad range of quality and specific production techniques are available to suit any project.
Kitchens Cabinetry
Furniture, wardrobes, cabinets.
Walls and fixed furniture such as wood panels.

Store & Office Fit Outs
Made to spec and shipped flat packed, save by buying direct. Most large fit outs are made to measure in China.

China is still the leading supplier of furniture and almost all furniture suppliers are sourcing their products from China. Order in significant quantity and save big money by buying direct from the source.

Bathroom & Sanitary ware
Bathroom fittings
Anti-theft & Vandal proof
Aged care & Handicapped

Interior doors
Security doors
Glass doors
Garage & Warehouse doors
Stone & Countertops:
Acrylic, Marble & Quartz
Sanitary ware
Bench tops and counters

Signs & Signage
From promotional material to outdoor LED advertising billboards
Standards & Certifications

Every country has unique regulatory requirements on the use of building materials via a set of certifications and building standards. For example, glass may need to be able to withstand a certain pressure or level of insulation. Certifications such as UL, CE, may be required to meet local building regulations.
Chinese factories can usually meet these requirements or obtain certifications but there is a cost involved in this process. We must understand that the cost of meeting these certifications are relative.

Is the major driver, if your quantity is large all expenses such as certifications costs, shipping, labour – they are all relatively lower. When making purchasing decisions factory the quantity into the decision first. Whether the quantity is large varies greatly between product types however a rule of thumb is if it will fill a freight container it is definitely sufficient quantity to import from China.”

There you go guys, a tip of the iceberg from procurement professionals in China. That’s quite a few products so if you are in the building industry and you need source goods from China, you can start by just posting your need on nepchin and the professionals in China will be notified by email of your requirements.

Sourcing Construction and Building Supplies from China

If you have done business in China at all, you quickly understand that it has different regulations, different style of business and culture to Western practices. It’s a real challenge to be able to source China made products and bring them back home to make your business cost competitive. You need the confidence and trust in your suppliers to make sure they deliver on time but also constantly manage all the other many things can go wrong. Wrong import procedures, missed deadlines, poor quality control, inaccurate orders, misunderstood delivery address, ensure you get what you pay for – the list goes on.

nepchin have new business listings, ChinaFind, of whom are western owned and managed Procurement Professionals. They can manage all your sourcing needs and take the frustration out of doing business in China – especially if you need Construction and Building Supplies in China. They understand the China regulations and business culture and also how to work between China and Western work practices. Importantly they are on the ground in China for you. Just think of them as your own partner in China at your service. So if you need to buy from China, especially Construction and Building supplies, just “post a need” so they can “make an offer” to source your products for you.

nepchin is also running a promotion for the next few months to help people buy and do business in China. If you “post a need” to buy something from China, you will go into a monthly draw to win the book: “Where East eats West: The Street-Smarts Guide to Business in China”. This book is now used in the MBA curriculum for schools at Boston College, Rutgers and Colorado State University.