Sourcing Construction and Building Supplies from China

If you have done business in China at all, you quickly understand that it has different regulations, different style of business and culture to Western practices. It’s a real challenge to be able to source China made products and bring them back home to make your business cost competitive. You need the confidence and trust in your suppliers to make sure they deliver on time but also constantly manage all the other many things can go wrong. Wrong import procedures, missed deadlines, poor quality control, inaccurate orders, misunderstood delivery address, ensure you get what you pay for – the list goes on.

nepchin have new business listings, ChinaFind, of whom are western owned and managed Procurement Professionals. They can manage all your sourcing needs and take the frustration out of doing business in China – especially if you need Construction and Building Supplies in China. They understand the China regulations and business culture and also how to work between China and Western work practices. Importantly they are on the ground in China for you. Just think of them as your own partner in China at your service. So if you need to buy from China, especially Construction and Building supplies, just “post a need” so they can “make an offer” to source your products for you.

nepchin is also running a promotion for the next few months to help people buy and do business in China. If you “post a need” to buy something from China, you will go into a monthly draw to win the book: “Where East eats West: The Street-Smarts Guide to Business in China”. This book is now used in the MBA curriculum for schools at Boston College, Rutgers and Colorado State University.


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