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The Orange Basket 2

In a our previous post, we released our video ‘The Orange Basket‘. It was about Mr and Mrs Orange trying to search and look for an Orange Basket. We also showed some pictures for a sneak peak of the behind scenes. Now in this next video we show the other side in the ‘The Orange Basket 2‘, where The Basket Shop Keeper is trying to sell his baskets! The Shop Keeper tries to generate sales leads via TV and Web Marketing with little results and then finally subscribes to sales leads on nepchin for his baskets.

on set with the camera

City set

City set

shooting a frame

shooting a frame

with the Basket Shop Keeper

with the Basket Shop Keeper


Cranks Bike Store

In this next interview we talk to Darren, Manager of the Balmain Cranks Bikestore about Cranks and bicycles.


nepchin: “Hi Darren, thanks for being part of our blog post. How did you get involved with bicycles?”

Darren: “…started racing age 13 with St George cycling club….road and track…after watching 1982 commonwealth games”

nepchin: “How long has Cranks been around for and how was it started?”

Darren: “original cranks was started in 1973 in Roseville… Paul, original employee of 2nd Cranks shop in Nth Sydney, then went into partnership with owner. In which Paul eventually bought. Arron joined in 2004, they then opened 2nd shop in Balmain (2006) then quickly followed by 3rd in Chatswood (2007), then 4th in Enmore (2009 ) with the latest shop just recently opening in Top Ryde (2011).”

Cranks Bike Store

nepchin: “Do you specialise in any particular type of bicycles or brands?”

Darren “over the 5 stores we have a very diverse range of brands, covering all styles, as well as knowledge in many areas… covering racing, training, MTB, Touring, Commuting, KIDS and family, Electric,…and everything in between. Our major Brands include..Avanti, Scott, BMC, Everti, Look, Niner, Electra, Giant, and many more”

Crank Bike Store Range includes: Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Commuters and Kids Bikes

nepchin: “For those looking for a new bicycle, apart from two wheels, a seat, handle bars and some pedals, is there anything else that people should consider as part of their purchase?”

Darren: “most important is a HELMET, next important is a lock (no bike no ride), if any night riding is being done, then a good set of lights”

nepchin: “ok servicing. Is it necessary to service your bicycle and what can happen if servicing isn’t undertaken?”

Darren: “Servicing is important, a quick guide to how often, if you ride every day, then I would recomend a service every season (summer, autumn, winter, spring); 1-3 days a week, 1/2 yearly; the rest once a year. The important part of servicing is preventative maintenance, keeping tyre pressures at recommended levels can double tyre wear and decrease punctures…. regular chain lube can also double wear time .. which can quickly add up over time.”

Park Bicycle Tools

nepchin: “Finally you have five stores across Sydney so people can come in and have a look. For customers who are in regional areas or other states that need to purchase from Crank, what options do they have?”

Darren: “All our stores are a friendly place to come and visit , all our staff are keen cyclist just waiting to pass their knowledge and skill feel free to just come and browse, dream, etc. People who don’t live near any of our stores can do all these thing through our web site, as well as purchasing, we can organise delivery any where in the State, Country, or World if you wish”

nepchin: “Well Darren, thanks for joining us in our post and very nice to hear from the guys at Crank Bike Stores.”

Darrren: “Thanks for this oportunity to be involved in your post, if we can be of any help feel free to ask as many questions as you like, we pride ourselves on looking after all areas of cycling from beginner to professionals and everyone in between. Regards Darren and Rolando (team at Balmain)”


Guys and girls, if you are looking to purchase a new bicycle or get one serviced by professionals, get in touch with the guys at Crank or Post a need at nepchin to reach them.

Shifa Embroidery – China

In a previous post, nepchin showed off our new patches. Today we get a chance to catch up with Queenie from Shifa Embroidery in Wuhan in China who helped us make our nepchin patches. We are going to hear a little bit about Shifa Embroidery and what they get up to.


nepchin: “Hi Queenie, thanks for being with this post and also your help last time to make our nepchin patches. Just wondering, you are situated in Wuhan in China. Where is that?”

Queenie: “Wuhan is located in China’s central express transportation PATCH, we use express mail goods”

nepchin: “Can you tell us a little a bit about your facilities that help you get the job done? Do you have to invest in specialised equipment? and do you have many helpers in your business?”

Queenie: “We have 10 sets of professional equipment, and have a good partner to ensure the mass production of products”

nepchin: “When nepchin was first referred to you, we had a look at your website and you certainly have a wide range of patches you make. Can you tell us a bit about the type of patches you can make? are there certain materials you use? types of embroidery, minimum quantity”

Queenie: “We can made different label/patch, embroidered, woven, print, silicon etc. Different fabric, different size. Embroidery patch, MOQ 500pcs each, We can make sample to you too, but we will charge mold fee USD 30 – 80 each design, and return when your order over 1000pcs each design”


nepchin: “What are the popular type of patches you get asked for? and has there been anything unusual or unique requests?”

Queenie: “Army patch, Cartoon patch, follower, biker patch, etc..”

Biker Patch

Army Patch

nepchin: “When a customer works with Shifa Embroidery, are they any tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly for both customer and Shifa Embroidery?”

Queenie: “New orders of embrodery patch or label can be placed through e-mail, postal mail, couriers, or fax with clear information of quantity, size, colors, and other specs, such as material, backing, accessories attachments, and border finish, and artwork or existing samples. ”

nepchin: “For customer overseas, like us, we were first a little apprehensive with placing an order. so we used Paypal to pay for the order and the delivery of the patches was sent by registered mail. Are they are other security and safety measures which Shifa Embroidery have put in place to help alleviate customer concern with with working with you.”

Queenie: “Photo production process, we will email to the guests so that they understand the situation of their products”

photo of nepchin patch emailed for confirmation

nepchin: “Lastly, which countries have you had customer orders from before? Obviously we know you have sent it to us in Australia!”

Queenie: “Many, Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and even Africa, we have customers, as long as the courier can reach the place”

nepchin: “well Queenie, it was great to get to know Shifa Embroidery a little more today and we wish you continued success.”

Queenie: “Thank you, we hope for more of the different regions, countries, customers service, we will provide high quality embroidered patch as soon as possible”


Hope you were able to get to know the folks at Shifa a little better in this post. If you need to get patches done you can find Queenie at Shifa Embroidery or Post a need at nepchin to reach them.

The Orange Basket

Lately we’ve been working on some videos to show what nepchin is all about. Something entertaining and also fun. The first one we have made is called ‘The Orange Basket‘ which we have posted on Youtube.

The Orange Basket - cast

It’s about Mr and Mrs Orange trying to search and look for an Orange Basket and all the problems they encounter while trying to search on the internet, no results, too many links etc. They post it on nepchin, and we notify the Basket Shop Keeper who makes them an offer, which they accept. So simply starting with the Customer, we help them find and notify the Supplier. Take the hassle out of finding the Supplier, have them come to the Customer.

We had special help from Domo, a close relative, who kindly produced the videos for us. Which basically means he did all the work, creative, directing, producing! It was enjoyable though to get into another creative side of nepchin. The style of video we have made is stop-motion. It involves moving your props for each frame and taking a picture. Then all the photos are compiled together as a running video. So as you can appreciate, it is quite labour intensive so after doing this, makes us appreciate animated movies all the more. There were quite a few hundred photos taken. Here are few photos from behind the scenes and seeing Domo at work.

The set - 'The Orange Basket'

Mr and Mrs Oranges turning the PC on

Oranges in The Orange basket

If you like the song we chose for the background, it is ‘All of this’ from a New Zealand up and coming band, ‘The naked and famous‘. They released their debut album ‘Passive me, Aggressive you’ late last year, went number 1 in NZ – first NZ band to do so in decades. They toured on the Big Day Out in Australia and now are currently touring in Europe with America next over the horizon. They also have a blog so you can see what they are up to on their tour. Check them out because they are really an awesome band.

IntAir – Corporate Travel Specialist

Today, we are going to meet John Petterson, Managing Director of Intair who specialises in Corporate Travel in Melbourne, Australia. Corporate Travel partners help take away the frustration in having to manage your business travel needs so you can focus on what you do best, and that is running your business. So let’s find out a bit more about Intair.


nepchin: “Welcome John, we appreciate you taking time out to talk to us. IntAir. Corporate Travel. How did it all start for you and how did IntAir come about? It’s been established since 1981, which is older than most Gen Yers!”

John: “I established IntAir Travelscene American Express 30 Years ago. Prior to that I was Managing Director of a large Importing company specialising in housewares whose clients were the major retailers and wholesalers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

I decided that it was time for change. For many years I had been travelling a great deal and I decided that the travel business would be a good change. I established the business which grew and provided the clients with a level of cost effective service to which they were not used. 30 years have now elapsed and each year we continue to refine the service and keep our competitive position. Along with this comes all of the benefits of American Express. Membership rewards which yield tax free dollars for your holidays.

All of this comes with our 7 days/ 24 hours emergency service – no voicemail – real people who know and care regardless of the day or hour”


nepchin: “so IntAir specialises in Corporate Travel. What kind of things do you do that help business travellers. I guess some businesses would have particular dates and locations such as conferences to attend or roadshows as part of their work. Those events are pretty hard to organise in any case on top of getting there. I suppose also, a business can get to a size where you can’t manage the travel yourself anymore.”

John: “Our team is experienced and will capably take care of all of a clients needs, utilising our consortia rates and if the business per airline measures up to the airline’s expectations, negotiate special arrangements based on volume.”

nepchin: “Does this mean you don’t do leisure travel? I mean holidays I guess. Some people are really time poor and just want to go on a boat cruise or go skiing. Sometimes I find it is nice to be able to do a bit of personal travel whilst on work trips just to mix it up, otherwise it can be just taxi, airport, taxi, hotel, taxi, client office, taxi, hotel, taxi, hotel, airport, etc which can be really repetitive.”

John: “While we have a strong focus on Corporate Travel we certainly have all of the travel products that anyone would require.”

nepchin: “How do you clients work with you? Do they need to be Melbourne? Do they come into your office? Phone? Web? If they make enquiries are there any specific information that helps both parties to plan better?”

John: “see attachment”

IntAir Services

nepchin: “John, really great to have you with us today and to get to know you and IntAir. Thank you for joining us.”

John: “I trust that we can build a mutually beneficial business relationship.”


Well everyone, a bit of insight into Corporate Travel with John. If you need help organising your next business/leisure trip or your business is looking for a Corporate Travel Partner, you can get in touch with John Petterson at Intair or Post a need on nepchin to reach them.