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Looking for Accommodation, something different?

Here are some accommodation businesses who are with nepchin and are located around Australia. From Tasmania, Sunshine Coast, Glenelg to Port Macquarie. No need to look them up individually, we have done the work to help you connect with them. You can just ‘Post a need‘ once to contact them and an email will be sent to them to let them know you are looking for a place to holiday or relax. Post once and notify many.

Kemeys Mountain Hideaway
Comfort Inn And Suites Robertson Gardens
Sunshine Coast Motor Lodge
Whitsunday Organic Bed & Breakfast
65 Main Accommodation
Glenelg Beachside Apartments
Beachport Motor Inn
Comfort Inn Scotty’s Motel
Camp Lake Fire
Graebern Lodge B & B
Margarets Beach Resort
Moana Beach Tourist Park
Breakaway Holiday Accommodation
Scenic Encounter Bed & Breakfast
Somers Holiday Village
Silver Sands Bed & Breakfast
Serenity & Tranquility
Bunbury Backpackers
Avondale Private Hotel
Florentine Villas
Panorama Estate
Budapest City Centre Rooms
Ardrossan B And B Mudgee Accommodation
Arkana Motel
Country Manor Motor Inn
Mackay Motor Inn
Browns Plains Motor Inn
Cedar Creek Lodges at Thunderbird Park
Checkers Resort & Conference Centre
Dreamtime Travellers Rest
Palm Court Motor Inn
Bridport Country Cottages
Akama Resort
Broadwater Shores


silicon beach australia

Last Friday we managed to meet up with some other amazing entrepreneurs at the silicon beach australia drinks. We met up with the guys from , and others too for a bit of a chat over some drinks at the Bar 77 at the Grace Hotel in Sydney. If you are looking to mingle with entrepreneurs and like minded people for informal catchups try the meet ups at silicon beach australia – we might see you there if we get time.

“Post a need” for your website

Last month we gave an update on the hundreds of suppliers who joined nepchin. It was alot of hard work and we were thinking of the some ways to share with people the work we did.

So in a nutshell, we are able to help people “post once” and “notify many” suppliers. Save customers time and effort from having to look up and then contact suppliers individually.

Well now you can have your very own nepchin box, sit on your own web page.

All you have to do is just cut and paste some small code using our script generator on our homepage at

Then you will have your own nepchin box too! It then allows anyone on your website to post a need on nepchin.

Go to our homepage and get your own nepchin box now.

Akama Resorts – Hervey Bay

Like a holiday or getaway destination? We are going all the way to Hervey Bay, north of Brisbane, past the sunshine coast to talk to the hosts of Akama Resorts, Matt & Pia Bysher. see if they might be what you are looking for.


nepchin: “Matt & Pia, thanks being on the nepchin blog. Akama Resort in Hervey Bay, where are you guys exactly? How long have you been the hosts?”

Akama Resorts: “Australia, Queensland, Hervey Bay is the gateway to the world heritage Fraser and Lady Elliot Island and one of the best places in the world for Whale Watching.”

nepchin: “How did the two of you end up at the Akama Resort? we are imagining it is all endless sunshine and relaxation – is it actually work?!! 🙂 ”

Akama Resorts: “Pia was flight attendant and I was a carpenter both wanting a change and wanted to work together. Yes there is far few hours in the office but a Pina Colada up in the Penthouse makes you soon relax.”

nepchin: “are there any specific customers you cater for?”

Akama Resorts: “Only the ones that love life like us.”

nepchin: “What do people get into to pass the time? have there been any unusual requests or maybe what is really popular?”

Akama Resorts: “Fraser Island, Lady Elliot Island (Great Barrier Reef) and Whales watching (July to October)”

nepchin: “When you are not looking after your guests, how do you like to spend your time?”

Akama Resorts: “My passion is fishing and try to do as much as possible, Pia is happy to sit up the front of the boat with a book and relax.”

nepchin: “Thanks for being part of our blog. We hope many guests get a chance to come and visit you.”

Akama Resorts: “Hope we get to meet you all one day.”


If you are looking for a resort, a get away in Hervey Bay, get in touch with the Matt & Pia at Akama Resort or Post a need on nepchin to reach them.

Palm Court Motor Inn – Port Macquarie

Next up, we are off to Port Macquarie north of Sydney and Newcastle to meet Cheryl at Palm Court Motor Inn.


nepchin: “Hi Cheryl, welcome to nepchin’s blog. Port Macquarie is a beautiful place. What brought you there?”

Cheryl: “I first moved over here 23 years ago, gosh has it been that long. As you said Port Macquarie is a beautiful place and I am very lucky to live and work here.”

nepchin: “Tell us a little bit about your place, the Palm Court Motor Inn. Is it far from the beach?”

Cheryl: “Palm court motor inn is a 3 star motel, we offer affordable accommodation with special discounts to seniors, golden chain members and NRMA card holders. Our housekeeping staff, pride themselves with presenting clean rooms to our guests and service daily. The motel is ideally located in the CBD and is a 15 minute walk to the Main Town Beach.”

nepchin: “You also have the French Quarter Restaurant. What is on the menu? and where did you find a cook who does French cuisine?! and can you speak French?”

Cheryl: “Yes our on-site restaurant is called the French Quarter. The chef’s special slow roasted duck is sensational, funny enough he found us and his cooking style is traditional French cuisine. Lol! Non je ne parle le Francais. (No I don’t speak French)”

nepchin: “What kind of customers do you cater for? and quirky question for you, what has been the most unusual stay or visitor you have had? ”

Cheryl: “We try to accommodate to guests of all ages, as we are an older style building, there is no lift. With our elderly guests there are ground floor units and we assist carrying their luggage for them or anyone else, who needs a hand. We have had some very quirky guests stay with us but I am not going into great details to explain. Some guests have made us laugh, some have made us sad and the guest who had done a runner well that just makes us mad.”

nepchin: “What can one do in Port Macquarie whilst they enjoy their stay with you?”

Cheryl: “Besides the beaches Port Macquarie offers a relaxed lifestyle. There are 52 things to see and do in Port Macquarie check out the website.”

nepchin: “Cheryl, thanks for your time, we look forward to getting up to Port Macquarie to visit”

Cheryl: “Thanking you! We look forward to your stay at the Palm court motor inn”


Thinking of visiting Port Macquarie, see Cheryl and the team at Palm Court Motor Inn or Post a need on nepchin to reach them.

hundreds of suppliers now on nepchin

Over the last few months, we have been pretty busy with inviting suppliers to nepchin across a broad section of categories. So this means when you post a need under any of the categories below, an email notification on your behalf will be sent to the suppliers registered under those categories. So you post once and reach many. Imagine if you had to look up all the suppliers yourself and contact them individually, now that is a lot of time and work. Well, we have done a lot of the work to find them for you already, so you can connect up with them easily. Also no need to chase up emails, as your Post and any offers you receive are managed in nepchin. If you are looking for something, trying posting it, at least you know nepchin will notify suppliers on your behalf.

Automotive – 10+ Suppliers
Building & Construction – 10+
Business & Professional Services – 50+
Commercial & Industrial – 10+
Computer & IT – 50+
Events & Entertainment – 10+
Health & Beauty 25+
Health Care – 30+
Hospitality & Tourism – 50+
Household Durables – 35+
Personal Services – 30+
Precious Jewellery & Watches – 10+
Publishing & Broadcasting – 10+
Sport & Recreation – 15+
Textile – 40+


Have you got a little one on the way? All prepared for the delivery? Or you have one or two running around now and need them dressed? Maybe you need a present for that little nephew or niece. We meet Bronwyn O’Loan to talk about her online retail store, Shophouse – Big Style for Little People.


nepchin: “Bronwyn, Shophouse, what’s the origin of it, how did it come about? have you been around for very long?”

Bronwyn: “We’re in our 4th year this year and our product range is getting bigger each year. We started the business out of a desire to create a one stop shop for mums to ‘outfit’ their children and also have access to some great accessories and toys.”

nepchin: “What kind of products and brands do you stock? Is there much influence on fashion as there is for I guess adults?”

Bronwyn: “Our very favourite brands are Oobi Baby, Purebaby and Three Little Trees. They are our current main fashion lines and we make sure we have a huge range available at the beginning of each season. Our other much loved ‘accessory’ brands include the very popular Penny Scallan, Bobbleart, Cocoon Couture and Alimrose Designs. There are really too many brands to list here but bringing them all together makes for a wonderful shopping experience. As far as fashion influences for children, we see parts of adult fashion filtering through, like leggings and the trench coat. But mostly children’s fashion is about wearability, quality and longevity.”

nepchin: “When it comes to buying online for babies, kids and toddlers, is there any advice or recommendations you can give to parents, friends, aunts and uncles to ensure that order the right thing?”

Bronwyn: “Obviously it helps, with clothing, to know the size of the child that you are buying for. It’s easy to shop online for a child up to about size 8 as the sizing is true. However, we are always happy to field questions by email or phone to assist with sizing for children. It always helps to have a good look at the images of the products that you are interested in buying, and to read the detailed descriptions available for each product. If you do get it wrong, most online stores, including, will refund or exchange.”

nepchin: “Has there been anything popular or unique at shophouse that customers have ask for which give you a little chuckle when you recall the time?”

Bronwyn: “I remember last year our most popular item was the Oobi Darcy skirt. It’s a gorgeous full pettiskirt that, back then, came in a pale pink and a bright red. Our warehouse was awash with a sea of gorgeous fluffiness and I would giggle every time I walked in during that time. Darcy skirts were going out in almost every parcel and it was just fun and very pretty. We still sell Oobi Darcy skirts, they come in many more colours now. But it is a fun memory when it was our hot item.”

nepchin: “We had a look at some of the outfit ideas, your models, are they easy to work with and have you experience any tantrums with them?!”

Bronwyn: “We are very lucky with our models. They are all very sweet and happy to stand and pose at our in-house studio – that is, for about 15 minutes. So we work fast to get the best shots. It helps to have mum nearby in case of any tantrums but I honestly can’t remember ever having to deal with a complete meltdown moment. We often use props like small toys from the warehouse and this helps with the amusement factor.”

nepchin: “thanks for joining us and it was great to see what Shophouse is all about. Best wishes”

Bronwyn: “It was a pleasure. Thank you.”


If you are looking for style for your little ones or a special gift, you can Post a need on nepchin to reach Bronwyn at the Shophouse.