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Mergen Chuluun is now a nepStar

One of Mongolia’s leading entrepreneur and business leaders is now a nepStar. Mergen Chuluun is the founder of Web Guru – web design and internet marketing agency in Mongolia. Mergen through his blog offers a fascinating insight into his thoughts on the current issues in mongolia, business and his passion for basketball.

Mergen has put the nepchin Post Box on his blog. Now for every post through Mergen’s Post Box, Mergen will earn AUD$1 and if that is for travel or accommodation related needs, AUD$1.50. When people post, they can now reach mary martha of mongolia or if they are Aussie expats, Australia suppliers with out needing to look them up. We think that’s pretty cool and makes Mergen a nepStar!

nepstar mergen chuluun


SUAMS is a nepStar

The Sydney University Association Malaysian Students recently implemented our Post Box on their website. You can see it here. Now, anyone who makes a Posts through their nepchin Post box SUAMS will earn them AUD$1. If it happens to be travel and accommodation related, that’s AUD$1.50

suams nepchin Post Box

suams nepchin Post Box

Are you a charity and need help raising money?


Are you a charity organisation? nepchin would like to help you raise money.

Put the nepchin Post Box on your charity organisation’s website and every time a visitor Posts on your nepchin Post Box, nepchin will donate AUD$1 to you.

If the Post is for travel or accommodation, nepchin will donate AUD$1.50 to you.

Also til the end of August, if you put the nepchin Post Box on your website, nepchin will give you AUD$50.

to get started and become a nepchin Angel, just go to . terms and conditions apply.

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nepStar – use your blog or website to earn $


Like to earn some extra dollars from your blog or website?

Just put our nepchin Post Box on your blog or website.

Every time a visitor makes a Post through your Post Box, nepchin will give you AUD$1. If the Post is for Travel or Accommodation, nepchin will give you AUD$1.50.

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nepStar Post box

Serenity & Tranquility in Ballarat Victoria

Next stop is Ballarat in Victoria! A place for a relaxing getaway is at “Serenity & Tranquility” and we talk to Jennifer to find out more.


nepchin: “Hi Jennifer, what’s unique and special about your place ‘Serenity & Tranquility’ and how did you give it that name?”

Jennifer: “These cottages are indeed really unique. Where else might you get heated, lay back electric massage chairs? Niagra Therapy vibrating beds, (with Biomagnetic underlay), and your own Sauna as well as spa in your en suite? 42″ Cable tv, log fires and welcoming hot breadmakers. As you can therefore see, Serenity cottages are very heatlh and relaxation orientated, hence the name”

nepchin: “You have these cottages and romantic getaways, what’s that all about”

Jennifer: “Spas, log fire, 4 Poster bed strung with lace and red roses, mirror walls and wardrobes, gold and velvet – completely private with full breakfast stocked in the fridge, and a full facility Day Spa next door, really makes for a good honeymoon or anniversary getaway.”

nepchin: “seems like alot of pampering one can get indulged in. Do you have many couples or small groups of friends come along?”

Jennifer: “Both ladies groups and couples and sometimes families wanting to show their children how to ‘de stress’ in todays harried world, and the unique rare Aqua Massage, Pedi spa, Oxygen Therapy, Moorlife Mud Spa, along with all the usual facial therapies, different massage types and scalp and foot massage, are a truly relaxing on site opportunity. There is also a small tourist bus en suite for small groups to sight see the unique Ballarat venues.”

nepchin: “What’s the most indulgence you have seen a guest give them self?!”

Jennifer: “Several days of all the above intensive, detoxing therapies, and more, blood checks, Naturopathic, Computer assessments, lung and saliva and urine tests – all Health Fund covered.”

nepchin: “Have you always been in Ballarat and what do you get up to when you have a day off?”

Jennifer: “I use these same therapies and enjoy the talented therapists myself – there is nothing like it! If it’s more than a ‘day’ off, I travel to many places and bring back the most unique equipment and products to share with people needing to relax.”

nepchin: “Jennifer, nice to hear from you and for being on our blog”

Jennifer: “Thankyou. This place is a quiet private unique experience and we have been ‘practicing’ the art of hospitality for almost 27 years now and at one time was nominated by AAA Tourism for the ‘best experience’.”


If you looking for a romantic getaway or a little bit of self indulgence, try visiting Jennifer at ‘Serenity & Tranquility’ or Post a need to reach them on nepchin.

Platypus Park Country Retreat in Tasmania

Feeling like a Country Retreat in Tasmania to get away from the hustle and bustle? Let’s get down to Platypus Park to meet your hosts Gina, a fifth generation Tasmanian.


nepchin: “Hi Gina, 5th generation Tasmanian, that’s amazing. What is Platypus Park all about and how did you choose the name?”

Gina: “The 40 acre property boarders the Brid River, and one day we were walking along the river and saw a platypus swimming near by. We just thought that would make a nice name for our recently purchased property. Why park? Our property is just a small holding and very “park” like open spaces with native bush areas. Country Retreat? Well we wanted to create a peaceful place to take a break from hectic city life. So hence Platypus Park Country Retreat was born.”

nepchin: “what is a typical weekend that a guest might have?”

Gina: “Platypus Park Country Retreat is on the edge of Bridport a seaside town in North East Tasmania. The activities in this region are many and varied just like our guests. I’m not sure there is a “typical weekend” Many guests now come to play golf at the nearby Barnbougle Dunes links golf course, it’s rated No. 1 public golf course in Australia. But others might visit a nearby winery, stroll the beaches, enjoy the new walking track which circumnavigates the town of Bridport, or look for wildflowers and native orchids in the reserve. Walks, waterfalls, fishing, stunning photography opportunities, or just simply relaxing on the sunny verandah of your cottage with a local wine, something for everyone.”

nepchin: “What kind of accommodation do you have for visitors? can people cook themselves or do you fine dining?”

Gina: “The accommodation is varied at Platypus Park Country Retreat…not one size fits all…our customers are all different so we have developed the accommodation to suite families, couples or small groups, single travellers are also quiet comfortable here too. Our accommodation is predominantly self contained/ self catering so yes people can cook for themselves if they wish. The two bedroom family units are very spacious, the three bedroom Wattle cottage, with a large spa is popular with the golfers or romantics, and the Lavender cottage is in huge demand by two couples travelling together who demand two queen beds and separate bathrooms! We have seven individual letable units, just two do not have kitchen, but three have spa baths, a real luxury when travelling. There are dining options in the town just two minutes drive down the road!”

nepchin: “I noticed you are eco certified, what does that mean?”

Gina: “Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

We decided a few years ago to become Eco certified because we had developed the property to that standard. We currently have our own recycling station, all waste water is treated onsite and used on the extensive gardens, we have solar hot water, and we now generate some of our own power with a solar power to grid system. Platypus Park is also registered as a “land for wildlife” property.”

nepchin: “what has been an exciting moment that you’ve witnessed with your platypusses or other wildlife you have?”

Gina: “It is a very special experience to be able to see a platypus in the wild…in it’s natural habitat. We can do this many times during the year and we were able to film one and have placed the video on our website. Guests get a real buzz if they too can see a platypus swimming in the river or our farm dams. Many guests also like to go trout fishing our dams are stocked with trout. The kids get a real thrill if they catch one. Children also enjoy feeding the chickens or looking at the lambs or seeking a possum, bandicoot or wallaby in the garden at night.”

nepchin: “Thanks for sharing Platypus Park with us in our blog”

Gina: “Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to meeting many of your readers when they are ready to experience our true Tasmanian hospitality soon.”


If you are going to Tasmania, make sure you check out Platypus Park and get in touch with Gina and you can Post a need on nepchin to reach her.