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Post once notify many businesses

Now when you Post what you need to buy, nepchin tells you how many businesses and people were notified. So when you Post once, you reach many. You can just imagine how much time you would save if you had to look them up and contact them individually.

number of suppliers notified for you

number of suppliers notified for you

If you are a business, make sure you are registered with nepchin so you get notified when someone is looking for what you sell.


Reach more Computer and IT Hardware, Software and Service Suppliers

Need a new Laptop? Looking for Software? Need a website built? What about hosting your website? Maybe you need graphic designers? Need consulting Services?

So where do you start? Spend less hours on the internet trying to work out who sells what. Spend less time filling out contact forms and writing many emails trying to contact suppliers. You can a Post a need on nepchin to notify the following suppliers on nepchin. If they can help you, they will let you know. Just Post once to notify many.

Laser Printer Terminal Australia
Adv Computers
Aspire Computing
Computer Force
Australia Computer Online
Data Services Of Melbourne
Digital Blitz
Independent Computer Retailers Pty Ltd
Michael’s Computer Services
Computers-Tech Support
Tresami Computer Engineering
Leading Edge Computers Carnarvon
Trinix Australia Pty Ltd
Cyber Kavach
Axis Digital World
fix my computer
Abbey Communications
PENTAQ Technology Pty Ltd
Complete Pc Solutions Pty Ltd
Ace Computerz
Footprint I.T
Apex Pacific Pty Ltd
Future Business Systems Pty Ltd
CMS Transport Systems Pty Ltd
Mobile MOUSe
Envision IT
Database By Design
eDEEP consulting
Renew SSL
Websmart Technology
ACA Communications Australia Pty Ltd
Ctc Pty Ltd
Geidi – Computer Networks
Aristech Pty Ltd
Conford Consulting P/L
Tallisman Holdings Pty Ltd
Tdb Software
Zen Network Services
The Fourth R
Jasmatuph Creations
Expectra Web Design
Highland Creative
Impact Graphics Pty Ltd
Itag Media
Netfront Solutions Pty Ltd
Splat Graphics
G.W.A. Media & Dvd
eShop Designers
Website Designing and Development

Skin Therapy and Naturopathy with Niyama

nepchin: “Today we are going to learn a little bit about skin therapy
and naturopathy with Rachel of Niyama. so Rachel, what is naturopathy?”

Rachel: “Naturopathy is the practice of wholistic health and natural
medicine. It is based around using natural remedies and nutrition to heal
ourselves and lead an optimal life.”

Niyama Body

Niyama Body

nepchin: “Have you always been interested in naturopathy? and tell us
what led to Niyama and how it was started”

Rachel: “I was always very interested in studying nutrition, then after
looking in naturopathy and its use of herbal medicine I decided to pursue
this as it was such a great complement to nutrition. I started Niyama when I
was studying naturopathy and enjoyed making natural skin care products for
myself and my family. One thing led to another and it turned from a hobby to
a business.”

Pink clay

Pink clay

nepchin: “You have quite a few selections of products for the face,
body and different skin types. How does one choose what is suitable
for them? is there help one can get?”

Rachel: “No one knows your skin better than you do. Look closely at your
skin, feel your skipn, assess how it feels after certain moisturizers or
cleansers and you can generally work out what skin type you have. For
example if your skin is flaky or feels tight you are likely to have dry
skin. If you have shiny skin and prone to breakouts or blocked pores then
you would have greasy skin and those who react to everything have sensitive
skin. On the Niyama website there is a great skin type selector page that
categorises all the products that are best suited for each skin type. We are
also always happy to answer emails directly from people who have specific

nepchin: “Can you take us through some of the ingredients you use?
most of them say ‘Certified Organic’, what is the significance of that?”



Rachel: “Using certified organic ingredients can assure you that the
ingredient has been grown and harvested without the use of chemicals or
toxins. Its is better for both the environment and the customer. Our skin
absorbs so much of what we put onto it so it is vital that we use organic
ingredients. Most of our products contain about 80% organic ingredients,
there are still certain ingredients in natural skin care that are not
available as organic, but are still plant based and 100% natural.”

nepchin: “also if people want to relax, take it easy, chill out, what
do you recommend?”

Rachel: “Put the phone on silent, turn off the tv, fill up the tub and throw
in a handful of our Petitgrain Relax Bath Salts, lie back and enjoy! For
those who don’t have a bath, use the salts in a foot bath and sit back and

Niyama Bath

Niyama Bath

nepchin: “Rachel, thank you very much for teaching us about
naturopathy and to get to know Niyama better. Hopefully we can look
after ourselves better in this fast pace world!”

Rachel: “Thank you, its always enjoyable to help people to have a better
understanding about the importance of looking after themselves.”


If you like to get your hands on some skin therapy or looking for naturopathy advice you can Post a need on nepchin to reach Rachel at Niyama. Start looking after yourself now!

Mooncake Festival 2011 – SUAMS

On the Monday 12 Sep 2011, The Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students will be holding a Moon Cake festival. The moon cake festival is is a mid-autumn festival where families and friends get together to look at the moon and enjoy each other’s company. Legend also has it that during the Ming Revolution, moon cakes were used to smuggle out messages to overthrow rulers at the time.

As a proud sponsor we are delighted to be providing them a printer for the event as a prize for the best Chinese Paper Lantern. Best of luck everyone and light up the skies and eat many moon cakes!

SUAMS 2011 moon cake festival

SUAMS 2011 moon cake festival

Reach more fashion & textile businesses

Need to look for kids clothing? How about a new cocktail dress? Maybe some work wear or maybe uniforms for kids or maybe some ugg boots? We’ve done the hard work to allow you to reach them. Just Post what you need to buy on nepchin to notify them. Easier than contacting them one by one. Here are the fashion and textile businesses you can reach:

Sewing Machine Enterprises
BK garments
Sad sarre imporium
Ashu fation shop
Velvet Fox
Runway Ready Fashion
MilkBar Fashion
Vintage On Bay
Accessory Heaven
My Wardrobe
Australian Surgical Clothing
Ties ‘N’ Cuffs
Lavro Evening Wear
Silk Caress
Playways W.A.
Adcraft Promotional Products & Move Clothing
Azure Promotions
Dcma Collection
Ace Costume Hire
Contemporary & custom rugs
Stride With Confidence
Lafitte Clothing Pty Ltd
Stumers Sewing Centre
First Impressions Clothing
Jack Evans Workwear & Camping
National Workwear
Claudine Clothing Co
Power Stitch ^ Paramount Screen Printing
Qld Workwear Supplies
So In Time
Oz Knit
I Do Formal tailors & bridal couture
John Hanna Formal Hire