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Happy Holidays 2011

It has been another exciting year for us here at nepchin in 2011. As 2011 draws to a close, we would like to thank everyone for their support. We also welcome new members who joined our family over the year. nepchin continued supporting our great friends at Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students and we liked to thank the 2011 president, Andrew Ng, for all his hard work. We look forward to continuing this for many years to come.

nepchin also introduced interviews and member profiles to get to know our suppliers from beach side bed and breakfasts get away, to fashion interviews with boutique houses, to travel suppliers in India, cambodian smarteria bags and mongolian arts crafts and also sourcing suppliers in China. The list goes on. It certainly shows the great and diverse services and goods out there in the world that you can reach by just posting on nepchin.

nepchin also introduced two programs, smart staff and nepstar. Smart Staff enables business to improve productivity by allowing staff to post what they need during the work day instead of having to spend time looking for it say in their lunch time. Staff have more time to themselves and therefore can balance their work day better and hence improve productivity. For nepstar, we created the nepchin post box, which people can put on their website and allow people to post on nepchin via their website. At the moment, everytime someone posts on your nepchin post box on your website, nepchin will be giving them AUD$1.

nepchin also revamped our landing page to make it easier to understand our service and shared user experiences with testimonials from members. Hidden under the bonnet we have made nepchin faster and more user friendly with helpful tools like MySalesPipeLine which shows what sales leads are applicable to your business.

Through out the year nepchin ran numerous competitions and giveaways such as rewarding gift vouchers to randon members. Other things we worked on as well was our videos on youtube. The Orange Basket and The Orange Basket 2. These two videos shows how nepchin works as a supplier and to a customer.

It certainly was a busy year and it was fun as well. Have a safe holiday season whereever you are and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2012!


nail foils and painted nails

Today we talk to Bondie and find out about the latest fashion in nail artwork.


nepchin: “Hi Bondie, thank you for being with us today. Now you have a particular interest in painted nails. Can you tell us what that is?!”

Bondie: “Thanks nepchin, I have always been a fan of nail art but it’s always so time consuming to have a manicures so I went searching for alternatives and I found using nail foils the best for busy people like me.”

nepchin: “what makes them good accessories?”

Bondie: “Nails foils are great, they are very fashionable and it last for around 2 weeks and I can change for a new look.”

nepchin: “what make good painted nails? and how should girls choose them? Is there any length they should match, any preparation work girls need to do?”

Bondie: “What makes a good painted nails is more than design alone. There are several popular ways to decorate nails, artificial nails, Nails Gel or Nail Foils. I found artificial nails and nail gel to be quite damaging to my natural nails. A manicurist will uses metal tools to scrape the layers of gel and protective coats off of my nails.

In long term, I don’t want to damage my natural nail so I generally use nail foils because they work much like a sticker and they last just as long as nail gels or artificial nails.”

nepchin: “Are there different types for different occasions? Are there any favourites or popular ones?”

Bondie: “Absolutely, I generally like the checker patterns for going out with the girls but when I am on a date I absolutely go for the bubble patterns, they make my nails look longer. Some of my friends prefer the zebra patterns, they seem to be the favorites.”

nepchin: “Are they made from anything special and do they last very long?”

Bondie: “They are made from the same material as water proof stickers, its alight adhesive and wrap sealer. Its quite tough and they last for roughly 10 to 11 days”

nepchin: “What quantities do they come in and can the be shipped any where?”

Bondie: “Each pack comes with packs of 8 nails and we can ship them individually all around the world.”

nepchin: “Thanks for teaching us about painted nails today!”

Bondie: “Thank you nepchin. if your readers wants to ask questions, feel free to contact me.”

Need painted nails, post on nepchin to reach Bondie.

Get an instant Sales Pipeline via nepchin

The Sales Pipeline. It’s the life blood of any business. The Sales Pipeline represents all the sales leads and opportunities available for you to convert into a sale. It is a pipeline because sales leads move through various stages of the sales lifecycle. The customer shows an initial interest, determines what they want to buy and then goes through evaluating offers.

At nepchin, you can instantly get your pipeline of sales leads relevant to your business now of customers looking to buy. How you ask? Well it is easy. First log into nepchin, then on the left hand side, look for ‘My Sales Pipeline’.

My Sales Pipeline

My Sales Pipeline

You can then add a ‘new buyer’ alert if you want to be notified of sales leads for a particular industry and categories. You can also expand or narrow your existing alerts and list keywords too.



Then click on ‘My Sales Pipeline’ where you can then see all sales leads and opportunities for your business.



There you go, a sales pipeline for your business ready to go via nepchin. View yours today.

White Bikini – sales lead

Do you sell swimwear? Maybe you have a unique style and design. A Customer in Australia was looking for a White Bikini.

sales lead for a white bikini

sales lead for a white bikini

When this customer posted, nepchin notified 15 suppliers about this sales lead by email. Save time looking for suppliers by posting on nepchin.

White Bikini supplier notification

White Bikini supplier notification

Post at nepchin to save time and notify many suppliers of your need. Register on nepchin if you don’t want to miss out on sales leads for swimwear!

Mac Foundation Powder

Do you sell make up? maybe you know a little abit about foundation. There’s a customer looking for Mac Foundation Powder. They are looking for it in a compact case and it is to be delivered to Sydney New South Wales.

sales lead for Mac foundation powder

sales lead for Mac foundation powder

Register at nepchin to be notified of sales leads.

Indian Kurti & Indian yoga pants

nepchin sales lead for Indian Kurti & Yoga pants

nepchin sales lead for Indian Kurti & Yoga pants

What are people looking to buy on nepchin?

A customer from Australia is looking for Indian Kurti & indian yoga pants.

The customer Wants to buy 10 Indian Kurtis-sequenced/designer/plain -large size & 10 Indian yoga pants

They have a budget of AU $50 only for 2 sets kurti and yoga pants provided the quality is Brand new-never worn.

If you want to buy something similiar, Post on nepchin and notify suppliers.
If you are a supplier, make sure you sign up to nepchin so you don’t miss out on sales leads like this one.

Travel in central India

nepchin member profile:

Cenin tours

Cenin tours

“We have pleasure in introducing ourselves, Cenin Tours & Travels Co. Pvt. Ltd — a Mission to pioneer development and promotion of Tourism in Central India, especially Vidarbha. Cenin is a venture promoted by Industrialists, Social Workers and Eminent Personalities of this region.

Nagpur has been rightly declared as the Tiger Capital of the World. This ZERO-MILE City has an International Airport, and more than 250 Tigers within 250 kms radius, at the four tiger reserves,-PENCH, TADOBA, NAGZIRA and MELGHAT, in Vidarbha.

central india

central india

Nagpur is the gateway to KANHA, BANDHAVGARH & PACHMARHI in Madhya Pradesh. The Region has excellent Archaeological, Historical & Religious sites and a Great potential for Adventure, Leisure and Health Tourism.

We at CENIN TRAVELS , are putting all this together , into Tourism Products and are ready with exciting packages for National & International Tourist FITs and Indians .

Our emphasis is on giving the tourist a delightful experience, by providing Air connectivity.”

Post on nepchin to reach Cenin Tours to organise your trip to central India.