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Do we have to search to buy?

We all know how big the internet is, it is known as the world wide web. It is crammed full of websites that spring up by the second. So many infact, if you have to come up with a name for your site, chances are you will have to make a word! Websites come in all sort of sizes and shapes, some are old and some are spanking new. Throw in e-commerce, that now makes so many shops in the world to look at. Even harder still, how do we know the ones we are looking at are still even alive? How do we find the one that is in our country? Are we going to choose the big e-commerce shops simply because they are on our computer screen? – they have all the money to buy the ad space to get to you we suppose but is that really a choice? or how about that new shop no-one has ever heard of, how are you going to find them?

We are encouraging everyone to join nepchin because we are going to help people save time. Then using our “post a need” which is like a megaphone(!), we are going to tell all our suppliers everytime someone wants to buy one of their products/services!!! This means that suppliers connect with you quicker, no layer of search to delay them from speaking with you. Join nepchin now and change the game.


nepchin v business directory

There are literally hundreds of business directories online. Don’t they seem all the same? Did all the businesses actually make entries there?

Some directories have web crawlers just searching for business contact information and then showing the result. It’s like someone collecting and writing down contact details of businesses and then just putting it online for all to see.

How do these differ to nepchin?!

* Well for starters, all businesses join nepchin by themselves.
* We don’t have screen scrappers or web crawlers gathering business details.
* All businesses join nepchin so that they can be notified when someone is looking for their services.

What does that mean?
For buyers, when you post, you reach out and notify suppliers; you have a quicker conversation with them.
For suppliers on Business Directory, buyers have to look you up, find your details, then contact you, understand if you can satisfy their need and then you have emails all over the place. nepchin makes it simple, we make it easy for you to notify suppliers and have the conversation in the once place!

And the most important difference – You can update and control your Business Profile on nepchin – Anytime you like!