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Sonia Banerjee a self-employed fashion designer helping underprivileged women

It is always a pleasure to get to know our members and in this post nepchin talks to Sonia Banerjee a self-employed fashion designer also helping underprivileged women.


nepchin: “Hi Sonia, welcome to our blog. Have you always been a fashion designer? Is it something you fell into or was it something you pursued?”

Sonia: “It was something I pursued.”

nepchin: “What do you use for inspiration for your designs? Is it culture, seasonal, life experience, imagination, people in your life”

Sonia: “My life experience is the inspiration of my design”

nepchin: “now, nepchin is aware that you have setup an organisation to give underprivileged women an opportunity to earn a living. How did this start? and how did the women come to find you?”

Sonia: “After my marriage I come into contact with a family who are great followers of Mahatma Gandhi. My father-in law Sri Debaprosad Banerjee about 78 years old used to run Charka regularly to spin khadi yarn in his student life. It was fact that my grand father-in law Late Amulya charan Banerjee actively participated in Gandhiji’s SATYAGRAHA MOVEMENT. My father-in law always instead me to do something creative for the uplift of the poor women of our society. In fact as per his advice I am in this line. He always guides me. Initially I used to go to the nearby villages and pursued them to join to our team.

nepchin: “What kind of products do you sell.”

Sonia: ” I) Mats (floor & table), Wall Hangings, Toys, Hammock, Diary Covers, Coin Purse, Ladies hand bags, shopping bags , beach bags, wine bags MagazineHolder &garment gift bags (as per customer’ designs) etc of jute & cotton (Dye / printed)
II) Bags made from cotton fabrics /net cloth-for packing fruits & vegetable
III) Fantasy (imitation) Jewelleries of jute, a novelty item
IV) Eco-friendly non-woven bags we specializes in eco-friendly bag.”

nepchin: “What items are favourite with customers? and do you sell direct to the public or can wholesalers also stock your products?”

Sonia: “Jute & Ecofriendly nonwoven Shopping bags & Wine bags. Mats (table / floor) & foot wear. I sell direct to the public in the fair. Not at the moment. I am looking for such wholesaler who can keep stock.”


nepchin: “Do all the women who come to you have the skills already, how do they learn?”

Sonia: “Yes, they all are skilled at present. But due to paucity of funds & lack of orders I am not in a position now to employ new women. They usually learn in my training center. I am associated with some other training centers where they get trained also which are not available in my workshop. ”

nepchin: “Where abouts are you and how can customers contact you (apart from posting on nepchin of course)”

Sonia: “I have a unit at 3/2 B, Shahanagar Road, Kolkata-700026, West Bengal. India. Generally the customer buy our product in the fair ground (Mela) and contact me on mobile # for subsequent orders if any.”

nepchin: “Sonia pleasure to have you on our blog and for sharing your story.”

Sonia: “I am equally glad to be on your blog. The story behind me is that my father-in law after retirement from Export Inspection Council Govt. India, as Dy.Director started an export business with his friend as partner and used to procure jute shopping bags from some self employed women. He exported few consignments to:
i) Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Australia
ii) Alpaca bag to Animal Club, Australia
Unfortunately the partnership does not last long. Due to some unavoidable circumstances the partnership firm had to dissolve. He then arranged to ship 20’ x 1 container load of Hydrocarbon free Coffee bags as per EN 766 for transportation of edibles to Singapore as well as 20’x 2 container load of similar Coffee bag to Australia through Howrah Jute Mills as Commission Agent. However by virtue of his position as Dy Director he has very good rapport with the Jute mills officials I was usually assisted him in his export activities. Gradually I get involved and establish my own organization.”



Time to learn FB Ads but still get Sales leads at the same time

As more consumers spend time on smartphones and social networking sites, many advertisers are spending money on mobile Ad words and social networking advertising. It makes sense to have a presence in these areas if your consumers are there.

nepchin read in May from the LA times this year 2012 that General Motor Corporations stopped paying for Ads on Facebook. Facebook with its plethora of information probably needs to give traditional marketers more time to understand and learn how to best use the information. Marketers need to learn how to use the FB technology to splice, dice all the information available on hobbies, interests, geography for their campaigns. This will take time.

In the meantime, while everyone gets up to speed in competing in this mobile adwords and social network advertising era, we still have to get sales leads and make sales. Businesses can’t stand still, they will have to work on both to stay competitive.

This is where we know nepchin fills this gap in the market.

We have an easy to use web form that people can fill in and “Post” what they want to need to buy. There is not cost to use this form. Suppliers who join nepchin will then get notified of this ‘sales lead‘. There is no cost to join, there is no cost to get notified. Supplier can respond to the sales leads and manage it in nepchin. All in the one place. There is no cost to respond and no cost to manage your sales leads in nepchin. There’s nothing to lose by being on nepchin. You get notified of sales leads. So while businesses learn about social networking advertising, they can still get sale leads from nepchin. Best of both worlds. Get your free sales leads now from nepchin.