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How much time do you spend on searching?

In years gone how long did it take you to buy what you needed to? Before the accessibility of the internet and the abundance of information, some options would be to go through the phone book and start talking to retailers, or go down to the shops and start looking, maybe browse through the adversitising junk mail that were distributed with the newspaper.

Today because of the abundance of information and accessibility on the internet, one might start searching on the internet going through millions of search results. Everything from sifting through the wades of reviews, product information, subscribing to daily deals, social referrals, understanding who might be the leader in their field, seeing what is actually current or used by information.

All this effort just takes quite a bit of time logistically. You have to determine what webpages are real, the legitmacy of them, are they current or old, are they relevant, who the players are in the market, do they sell what you are looking for, are they a reliable source. So much work for the consumer these days! We guess people will work out what is beneficial to them when it comes to searching what they need comparing the time it takes versus the effort. So the next time you search, how much time are you spending on this activity? is there another way to make more use of your time?


Why Travel Agents?

In this day and age, the world is full of information accessible via the internet. It wasn’t long ago, travel agents were the only ones who had access to IT systems to book air travel. School kids who were doing overseas projects bombarded travel agents for travel brochures and holiday guides for their school projects. With IT systems being opened up by airlines and slapping on friendly user interfaces thanks to internet browsers, travel agents have had to work harder for the dollar.

Travel Agents that survive the change will generally provide value to their customers rather that act as a manual key board entry attendant. For those that are time poor, they are going to be able to save them time in actually looking up holidays, airline schedules, propose different destinations tours and activities. Imagine trying to book a trip to south america or anywhere you have not been before, it is quite an undertaking.

They will have to be knowledgeable in destinations and share experience of travels and the like similar to the time before travel was so accessible. At that time, many people who had never travelled before would have to rely on the advice of the travel agent. When you are in a spot of bother, if you had booked directly with the travel agent, travel agents will in alot of cases offer assistance when you are stuck in a jam. Travel agents are also able to quickly share travel knowledge. Unless you like reading big travel books like the l*n*ly pl*n*t, I’m sure any personal tips will be useful.

Travel agents who survive in the current age will prove their value to their customers. The next time you book a big holiday, weigh up the time you spend and getting someone in the know to help.

Expanding your reach with little effort

We were having a discussion the other day over coffee with some friends and the subject of how tough the current climate was for those in retail became. Technology over the years have changed human behaviour. Who could do business now without the most basic of all communication tools the telephone? There was a time that late night TV would be flooded with ‘mail-order’ commercials trying to sell you the latest in skin repair cream, self cleaning ovens. How about the fax machine? You can still fax through an order to your supplier because they would need a hard copy of the order. With online tools, you can obtain goods via email, via your website, order through your smartphone.

So with all these communication channels what does this mean to your business? There is so many ways to reach you. In order for someone to reach you, they have to know you first! If they don’t know you and what you do, how are they going to contact you. We all know how the internet has created borderless societies. Meaning you no longer have physical barriers stopping you from doing business in other countries. All these equally apply to your competitors. You need time to build a brand in the market. Over time, customer get to know you. Do you have website? a facebook page, do you have a twitter account, are you on myspace, are you on online business directories, do you do ad words on search engines. You almost need a degree in online marketing the level of sophistication that is required.

In the meantime, while you are building your brand, it would be good if there was someway that when someone is looking for your goods and services, you would be notified. It could be anyone anywhere in the world, they won’t need to look up a phone book, they won’t need to search on line, they would not need to know your contact details to reach you. That would be great?

Well there is with nepchin. Whilst you work on building your brand in the market. As soon as anyone posts to buy your type goods/services you will get an email from nepchin to let you know. Simple as that. Without any effort you will get notified in the future in your email box. All you need to do is just become a nepchin member. Click on the picture below to see an example email you could get in your inbox today.

nepchin sales lead - mobile application example

Example email in your inbox notifying of a customer looking for your goods/service