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7000 now on nephin

7000 now on nephin

It is just getting more and more exciting every month here at nepchin. More than  1000 members joined in the last month so we are well over 7000 members. Again, thank you for being part of nepchin. Those who became recent members we helped shared you in the social media circles on nepchin’s facebook page and twitter to give you more social reach and internet presence – all just by registering on nepchin. Thank you and we look forward to reaching the next milestone.


Customer Service – Lyndon Turner of ChinaFind

Lyndon Turner of ChinaFind

nepchin is catching up with Lyndon Turner of ChinaFind on how they are and their approach to customer service.


nepchin: “Lyndon, great to have you with us.”

Lyndon: “It’s great to be here, thank you.”

nepchin: “It has been a while since our first interview a few years ago, tell us what has been happening?!”

Lyndon: “Time has flown by. Since we last met our business has continued to expand and we’ve been excited to work with some really great clients around the world. I’ve been particularly pleased that as well as working on building material and construction projects, we’ve also handled some very interesting projects including electric vehicles, medical devices – even statues and I’m looking forward to working on some projects connected to the World Cup and Olympics!”

nepchin: “From China, how is the business climate looking in Asia pacific?”

Lyndon: “It has been really interesting, especially as an expat living in China. Despite an obvious slowing down, an after effect that has been really important in our line of business is how businesses worldwide are searching for ways to lower their expenditure by looking to new low-cost markets for procurement. While this isn’t across the board sometimes when I talk to factories expecting the worst they’re actually the opposite, claiming unprecedented growth – one forklift factory I visited claimed 70% growth and sure enough their production lines were running flat out. Companies that usually purchase their forklifts from Japanese or German manufacturers are switching to China to remain competitive. I’m sure there are many other factors but this partly explains why China’s economy continues to grow at around 7 or 8%”

Fork Lift stationary

Fork Lift stationary


Fork Lift Extended

Fork Lift Extended

Fork Lift and Pipes

Fork Lift and Pipes


nepchin: “At the moment, the world economy is becoming ever more competitive and one area the every person and business can make unique is customer service. What are your views and approach on customer service?”

Lyndon: “That’s right. I guess it was drummed into me early on when paying my way through university in retail that the customer was always right. Coming to China was a bit of a shock, in Shanghai for example where depending on who you listen to there are upwards of 30 million people, there simply isn’t a shortage of customers so to a certain extent customer service isn’t required. This is rapidly changing with the internet and flow of information and reviews meaning that customer service is suddenly very important. I place high importance on customer service, our business is focused on service a few clients very well rather than many poorly. ”

nepchin: “Has there been one instance of customer service you have experienced and said ‘hey, that’s good, we will definitely be back’ that sticks to mind?”

Lyndon: “Certainly, and it’s always refreshing going back to Australia for friendly smiles and greetings when you walk through the door. But it’s always the time’s when someone goes completely out of their way to ensure you are completely satisfied. I’ll admit though, that while I will return to a place of good service, I definitely will not return to a place where I received bad service.”

nepchin: “Really fantastic to catch up and best wishes for the coming year.”

Lyndon: “Thank you, it’s also been great seeing the success of Nepchin, congratulations!”