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Get Noticed – advertise on nepchin

Get noticed - advertise on nepchin

Get noticed – advertise on nepchin

Want to increase your brand exposure with little fuss? Want to reach a large audience with as little effort as possible?

Well now you can with the launch of advertise on nepchin. nepchin is giving the opportunity to suppliers to increase your brand exposure right on nepchin at a very very affordable and simple price.

Your very own brand can have its own advertisements strategically placed within nepchin’s website that give you bang for your buck to nepchin’s members and public visitors.

nepchin advertisements are designed to help our suppliers increase their online exposure without hurting the bottom line.

To get your business noticed, see nepchin advertisemnents for more details and start increasing your exposure today.


8000 now on nepchin

amazing sight 8000 on nepchin

amazing sight 8000 on nepchin

Wow, that is amazing to see! Everyone is just blowing our minds away! nepchin is remarkably growing bigger and bigger by the day. Over 1000 more members joined in the last month and now nepchin are well over 8000 members. So again thank you to all the new members who joined us in the last month and the on-going support of our existing memebers. It is extremely humble to have everyone be part of nepchin. We will keep working hard.

For new members, when your business is registered, we have posted a welcome on nepchin’s facebook page ( and also tweeted on nepchin’s twitter account ( as well.

Customer Service – Sonya of Allegra Jewels

Summertime ear rings from a 'allegra jewels'

Summertime ear rings from a ‘allegra jewels’

nepchin: “Today, we are delighted to speak to Sonya from Allegra Jewels, to find out where it all began and their philosophy on customer service. Sonya, welcome and nice to have you with us today”

Sonya: “hi nepchin, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to share my experiences with you today.”

nepchin: “You have some fascinating pieces. Have you always been creative and where do you get the inspiration for your designs?”

Sonya: “I believe the creative side has always been hidden somewhere though I had not truly discovered my passion for making jewellery until recently. I find it very meditative when I work on a piece of jewellery after coming home from my day to day job which is mainly involves numbers.

My inspiration comes from my mentors, family and friends. My mentors share their knowledge and experiences with me. They run a small jewellery store in Sydney which I discovered one day. It has amazing materials in store that has allowed me to design my own. My family and friends have supported me every step of the way and are right behind me which makes me feel very blessed. There are also friends who have shared their creative success stories with me that are truly passionate, motivating and inspiring.”

pearl ring from 'allegra jewels'

pearl ring from ‘allegra jewels’

nepchin: “tell us how you decided to take the plunge to do your own jewellery designs?”

Sonya: “About two years ago, I was given a beautiful jewellery set for my birthday except the set came in loose pieces and actual tools. That was the moment I had learned the basic skills of making a beautiful v-shaped chained necklace with purple swarovski beads and a pair of earrings to match the necklace. I wore my newly designed jewellery set with a beautiful long purple silk dress for a special night out.
Last year in August, I had my mind set on starting a business and wasn’t sure of what I could be doing. I wanted it be something creative and something I am passionate about – a choice between cupcakes or jewellery. The memory of making my gift and wearing it on that special occasion kept reminding me of the wonderful experience I had and my decision was finally made!

I have said to my mentor before ‘visiting the jewellery store is like being in a lolly pop shop’ There are lots of nice beads to choose from and they come in different colours (rather than flavours). As you can see, it doesn’t take too much for me to get started. It’s fun!”

nepchin: “What was the feeling like when you created your first bracelet?”

pink pearls necklace from 'allegra jewels'

pink pearls necklace from ‘allegra jewels’

Sonya: “I felt really happy after designing and making my very first bracelet which had 3 strands of purple and blue Swarovski beads linked to a dainty silver O/T clasp. It was certainly a great sense of achievement and fulfilment when I saw the finished product. I went straight into designing the next!

nepchin: “and how about the first time you made your first sale?!”

Sonya: “there are 3 words to describe it – exhilarating, fun and rewarding!”

nepchin: “from your experience, how have your customers gone about purchasing your jewellery?”

Sonya: “My customers have purchased from me face to face at the markets (Balmain and Glebe), word of mouth referrals and on my website

Velvet Charm Bracelet from 'allegra jewels'

Velvet Charm Bracelet from ‘allegra jewels’

nepchin: “What is your approach to customer service and how do you keep your customers coming back?”

Sonya: “My approach to customer service is to ensure the product is made with quality materials and It must be made well. I ensure my customers are fully informed of the product quality they are purchasing. What are the materials used, where does it come from and give customers ideas on pieces that compliment their outfit? In addition, Allegra Jewels offers beautiful packaging options: gift boxes wrapped with purple ribbon or classic organza bags with gold print (where product is wrapped in paper). When passing on my business card and after connecting with my customers, they are keen to contact me directly to place additional orders or ask any questions they may have.”

nepchin: “If we flip the coin the other way around, as a customer, what was the best service you experienced?”

Sonya: “The best service I have experienced was at a restaurant where I had dropped my earring. All the wait staff stopped everything they were doing and started looking for it on the floor for me, even switching on the brighter lights. It is about going above and beyond and delivering exceptional service to meet your customer’s needs. Food and service were brilliant and I will be going back again.”

nepchin: “A real pleasure to hear your thoughts on customer experience, thank you for sharing.”

Sonya: “Thanks nepchin. It was a delight to share my story with nepchin.”

Reduce your monthly purchase costs

what monthly costs can you reduce?

what monthly costs can you reduce?

Every business has re-occuring monthly costs. Like the oil in your car, the business has certain running costs. Without the paper to print on, without ink for the printer, without the rubbish being removed each month, without the cleaning products to clean the office, without the gardens being maintained, without the milk delivered for the coffee for your customers;  the business just will not run.

Look at all the different monthly re-occuring costs your business incurs. You may find that there are quite a few. Little small purchases when added up together can be a significant sum collectively. Do you make a single purchase each time you need to buy paper for example? Do you go back to the same supplier? How many times do you purchase from the same supplier? Will the supplier deliver to you? Will they give you discount for volume? Will they give you favourable credit terms?

Try contacting your existing supplier and ask if they can give you better terms. You have nothing to loose by just asking! Then contact other suppliers by phone, email, posting on nepchin the monthly purchases you have and see what other Suppliers can offer you.

It could be for that monthly milk, maybe they can deliver to you instead of having someone go pick it up. More time at the office means more productivity. Maybe they can offer you longer payment terms, which means you have money in advance to pay for other expenses first like electricity. Maybe they will give favourable pricing in return for guaranteed purchase over the next six months. Maybe they have cheaper alternative product to the one you currently use. Either way, you can potentially make good savings on re-occuring costs each month just by asking or posting on nepchin. Any savings will go well to the bottom line especially in this current challenging business environment.

nepchin sponsorship for SUAMS mamak night 2013

canon printer - nepchin SUAMS mamak night prize

canon printer – nepchin SUAMS mamak night prize

The Sydney University Association Malaysian Students are preparing for one of their biggest nights of the year, Mamak night, on 22 May 2013. In years gone past, the event features annually on the calendar with roti spinning from a local restaurant, live music performances and games. It is a chance to share for the students to get away from their studies for one night (just one!), meet other students and enjoy many great times.

Again this year, as a proud partner supporting their endeavours, nepchin is very happy to provide a canon printer as a prize on the night. The printer will help the lucky winner when they need to print out lecture notes, when they need to scan documents and other reference materials during their studies! good luck on the night.

In past years, the night has been recognised for putting on a great night such as the Best Major Event (Highly-Commended) by the University of Sydney Union so for all those attending, you are in for an awesome time.