Reduce your monthly purchase costs

what monthly costs can you reduce?

what monthly costs can you reduce?

Every business has re-occuring monthly costs. Like the oil in your car, the business has certain running costs. Without the paper to print on, without ink for the printer, without the rubbish being removed each month, without the cleaning products to clean the office, without the gardens being maintained, without the milk delivered for the coffee for your customers;  the business just will not run.

Look at all the different monthly re-occuring costs your business incurs. You may find that there are quite a few. Little small purchases when added up together can be a significant sum collectively. Do you make a single purchase each time you need to buy paper for example? Do you go back to the same supplier? How many times do you purchase from the same supplier? Will the supplier deliver to you? Will they give you discount for volume? Will they give you favourable credit terms?

Try contacting your existing supplier and ask if they can give you better terms. You have nothing to loose by just asking! Then contact other suppliers by phone, email, posting on nepchin the monthly purchases you have and see what other Suppliers can offer you.

It could be for that monthly milk, maybe they can deliver to you instead of having someone go pick it up. More time at the office means more productivity. Maybe they can offer you longer payment terms, which means you have money in advance to pay for other expenses first like electricity. Maybe they will give favourable pricing in return for guaranteed purchase over the next six months. Maybe they have cheaper alternative product to the one you currently use. Either way, you can potentially make good savings on re-occuring costs each month just by asking or posting on nepchin. Any savings will go well to the bottom line especially in this current challenging business environment.


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