10,000 members on nepchin

nepchin - spotlight on 10000 members milestone

nepchin – spotlight on 10000 members milestone

What is everyone crowding around to look at under the spotlight? What is all the attention and fuss about?

Well, here at nepchin, the counter for the number of members on nepchin ticked over 10,000 members this month.

Yes 10,000.

Ten thousand.

Ten to the power of 4.

100 x 100.

9999 + 1.


Like watching the speedometer tick over your car, we too were very excited to see this reach 10,000. This means that there are more suppliers who you will notify when you ‘post a need‘ to buy. More suppliers means less time searching on the internet and more suppliers to view ‘what do you need to buy‘.

nepchin reached this fantastic milestone early this month. We are really extremely grateful for everyone’s support with building nepchin from nothing to what it is now and to building it bigger and better in the future. Another little step on a long and exciting journey.

We know and appreciate it is just the beginning of even more hard work but a big special thank you to all of our friends and family to helping us getting to this point thus far, for putting up with us, for listening to us when we needed an ear, for giving us strength to strive into the unknown. Without your love and support we could not have this far – so thank you very much.

To members who have joined nepchin thus far, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you and we are humbled by your support. Thank you for being part of this journey together.


nepchin - 10000 members

nepchin – 10000 members


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