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What is Intellectual Property? Part 2 – What are the major different types of Intellectual Property?

In Part 1 we got a taste at a helicopter view what IP is, now we do a deep dive into the major types.

Lap, co-founder at nepchin, continues our chat with Brendan Cheong, qualified patent attorney from Indigo IP.


nepchin: “In Part 1 of our interview you mentioned there were 4 types of IP. Copyright, Trade marks, Patents and Design. Can you describe them to us?”

Brendan: “I’ll try to briefly cover each of the major IP types and what they protect.

Copyright is probably the most well known form of IP protection, and is the one that gets misquoted the most. I like to describe Copyright as an instrument for protecting your expression of something. This description covers the majority of IP that comes under Copyright, though it needs to be stretched somewhat to cover some other forms of IP that also come under Copyright. Copyright covers, for example, your painting of the flower in the park, as the painting is your expression of the flower. Similarly, the photograph you took of the flower, story and poem you wrote about the flower, the song you composed about the flower, and the sculpture that you made of the flower are also all your expressions of the flower and protectable under Copyright. Copyright prevents others from copying your painting without your permission. It does not however prevent them from creating their own painting of the same flower (even if it happens to look like your painting). But if they created a painting of the flower using your painting of the flower (instead of painting the flower directly) they may well be infringing your Copyright. Brilliantly confusing isn’t it?

Trade marks are relatively more straight forward. I like to describe trade marks as an instrument for protecting the identity of something. So things like a brand name, a product name, a certain colour scheme, graphic, logo, phrase, jingle, or even a 3D shape or smell can be protected as a trade mark. The only requirement for a trade mark is that it be able to distinguish the product/service it is assigned to from other similar products/services. Companies spend a lot of money in distinguishing their products/services, and themselves, from their competitors and trade marks are one way to protect their unique identity, and the reputation and goodwill that they have built up in their identity.

Brendan Cheong - Indigo IP

Brendan Cheong – Indigo IP

Let’s take a look at Patents next. Patents protect inventions. They don’t protect ideas. What’s the difference? Well, essentially an invention works whereas an idea has yet to be proven to work. Further thought needs to be put into an idea before it can be made to work, and if/when that time comes, you can then call your idea an invention and seek patent protection for it. I like to describe patents as an instrument for protecting something that produces an effect. You should not be able to obtain a patent for something that exists for the sheer sake of existing (e.g. a photograph, sculpture, brand, or mathematical algorithm). Rather, this ‘something’ should achieve a new effect such as curing a disease, causing less side effects, doing things more efficiently, doing things quicker or with greater accuracy, etc. Things that can be patented (assuming they produce an effect) include devices, chemical compounds, methods, processes, and systems. Software can also be patented in some forms, and only in some countries, but that’s a can of worms that we don’t have time to open right now.

Lastly, we have Designs. Designs made the headlines fairly recently in the Apple vs. Samsung patent wars. Oh, by the way, Designs are sometimes referred to as patents by the media because their full name is “Design Patents”, and journalist don’t know any better. Normal patents as we know them are really called “Utility Patents”, and these are the patents that attorneys and seasoned inventors are talking about when they use the word “Patent”. Designs protect the look of something, and that’s pretty much it. Industrial designers rely on Design protection a fair bit to protect things like the headlights of a car (ever noticed how unique BMW headlights are?), the shape of a bottle (Coca-cola any one?), the look of icons on a phone (Apple vs Samsung), and so on.
Well that went on for a bit, but I hope I manage to give a simple overview of how and why companies might want to protect their IP.”

nepchin: “That’s great to know the difference between utility patents and design patents since we will be better informed when we read the news!”


In Part 3 we find out the steps to take in order to commercialise your IP.


What do you need? Investment and Securities!

Another relaxing holiday, ooooo an extra pair of dazzling high heels, that incredible live series final game of cricket at the stadium, a sumptuous dinner in a fancy 5 star restaurant, a secret surprise little present for that special someone. wait hang on, was that a dream, a wish list? ….. can we afford it, were we stretching beyond our budget? Do we ask our self whether we work to live or live to work? Do we need to try and break out of the rat race?

nepchin - Post what you need to buy Investment and Securities category

nepchin – Post what you need to buy Investment and Securities category

Is it a matter of budgeting? Do we need to break down our financial goals to achieve them? Are they short, medium or long goals? Do they even need to be goals? do we need a savings plan? do we need to cut down on expenses, do we even know what our expenses are … have we used the credit card too much, is the limit too high and the interest repayments are they just killing us? Have we even got the best rate.

Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes, a third view? A financial advisor perhaps to get us moving into a positive direction. Someone who knows what financial tools and products that are best suited to our financial position. Someone who goes into bat for us rather then let us continue to be at the mercy of the big banks and financial institutions. Someone who can teach us how to build wealth through shares or property. Guide us to save the deposit, explain how investment loans work and whether from their analysis and experience it would be suitable to us.

nepchin - Post what you need to buy Investment and Securities category

nepchin – Post what you need to buy Investment and Securities category

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nepchin - Post what you need to buy Investment and Securities category

nepchin – Post what you need to buy Investment and Securities category

Seeking help now from those in the industry is a great way to start a path towards a strong financial future. Spend more money on the things we want to do and achieving our goals quicker and less on repayments. Post once and reach many.

What do you need? Household Durables!

You have pretty much every home electrical appliance the market can offer. The juicer, the meat slicer, the blender, a kettle, kitchen scales, vegetable slicer, mincer. The kitchen would make Jamie Oliver proud. Any delicious meal you can make to tantilise your taste buds like making a pot of jasmine tea.

post what you need to buy under nepchin’s ‘Household Durables’ category – one form reach many

post what you need to buy under nepchin’s ‘Household Durables’ category – one form reach many

Then one time over dinner you talk to a friend who talks about this one magical appliance that replaces them all. One appliance to blend, one appliance to slice your vegetables, one to make smoothies. Can there be one such appliance? It is also easy to clean just place it into the dishwasher.

post what you need to buy under nepchin’s ‘Household Durables’ category – one form reach many

post what you need to buy under nepchin’s ‘Household Durables’ category – one form reach many

It’s almost too real to be true. We walk through department to department store only to see they just carry the usual brands. We take out the phone book and call through number after number asking if any local stores have heard about this magical appliance let alone stock it. We trawl through the internet trying to narrow down our search and whereabouts of this appliance.

Luckily this is just a nightmare scenario. Phew. How dare your friend purchase this magical appliance without also taking you in the first place!

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nepchin - Post what you need to buy Household Durables category

nepchin – Post what you need to buy Household Durables category

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