‘I Heart Gallery’ – Interview Part 2 of 2

‘I Heart Gallery’

nepchin co-founder Lap continue his chat with M. Sunflower of ‘I Heart Gallery‘. Read Part 2 of 2  now!


nepchin: “For your gallery, do you have works available from different artists?”

M. Sunflower : “We originally started out that way. Our shop in Newtown was a co-op with about 50 local and international artists selling their wares, but we’ve evolved into a tighter operation. Now we just sell wares from the artist(s) in residence.”

I heart gallery man with camera

I heart gallery man with camera

nepchin: “so if I was a local artist and I was starting out, or one from overseas trying to break a new market, is it possible to do some sort of collaboration with ‘I Heart Gallery’?”

M. Sunflower : “Absolutely! We’re starting to use our custom gift making skills to sell wholesale to artists and creators. We print their own images or artwork on items they can sell at their own shops or market stalls. For instance, I’ve had one lady order a whole lot of custom printed felt jewellery (necklaces, earrings, badges, bracelets and fascinators) to sell in her online Etsy shop. If anyone out there is interested in ordering please contact us at info@iheartgallery.com for a wholesale price list!

I heart gallery vintage dress

I heart gallery vintage dress

We offer some unique items that I haven’t seen anywhere else, such as custom printed doilies, gloves, and felt craft sheets for making jewellery, plushies, wallets, bags, clothing, etc.

We’re also very interested in collaborating with stores, wholesaling our own original designs, particularly our spectacular neckties. I have a long term goal of one day starting my own custom print clothing line of neckties, tshirts, dresses, skirts and leggings, specialising in plus size fashions. A girl can dream!”

I heart gallery neck tie women collage

I heart gallery neck tie women collage

I heart gallery neck tie designs

I heart gallery neck tie designs

nepchin: “What about if I liked one of the designs and I thought it would look great on a flowing dress? How would that work?”

M. Sunflower : “We can’t do that yet but we hope to in future! The machines we use aren’t big enough to print our own fabrics yet, so at the moment we specialise in smaller items.”

nepchin: “How did ‘I Heart Gallery’ come about and the name, where did that come from?”

M. Sunflower : “We brainstormed many names over a few days, from Sunny & Sons (haha!) to Artist In Residence (which I quite liked as I lived in the shop at the time), but when I heard I Heart Gallery, I said that’s it! That’s the one. I love art, I love hearts (or do I love love?) and I love the witty wordplay on “Art Gallery” in the title. It just fits.”

i heart gallery logo design

i heart gallery logo design

nepchin: “finally, have you ever had any exciting or strange requests from clients about art pieces to create?”

M. Sunflower : “We often get weird and wonderful customers through the door! They’re the best kind. To be honest though, I am probably the weirdest one in the room at any given moment. I’ve made stranger things than anyone has ever asked me to make! From embroidered genitalia and antique porn jewellery, to artworks and sculptures made from human hair, you could call me eccentric. Or you could call a psychiatrist!

I’m currently working on snowglobe jewellery, with tiny crabs claws I’ve collected at the beach. That’s quite exciting and strange.”

nepchin: “Wonderful to get to know about ‘I Heart Gallery’ and thank you for joining us here on nepchin”

M. Sunflower : “My pleasure! It’s been lovely sharing my story.”


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