Mad Cooking Fusions – Interview Part 1 of 2

This next delicious interview is courtesy of MAD Cooking Fusions.

Lap, co-founder of nepchin, talks to the one and only Anamika!


nepchin: “Hi Anamika, and a very warm welcome to Mad Cooking Fusions’

Anamika: “Thank You so much, It’s indeed a pleasure to be here.”

nepchin: “You have all these delicious recipes and amazingly you have no formal training in cooking! How do you go about coming up with your recipes?”

Anamika: “Coming up with a new recipe creation is much, much easier for me now. I simply go by my instinct. Since my childhood, I have always seen my Mom cook, I use to stand and see her while she use to cook for us. I now feel that helped me a lot in a way. On top of it, my husband gives me a lot of encouragement to follow my dreams.”

nepchin: “All your food is vegetarian! Where do you get your ingredients from? Do you have a special market or favourite place to go?”

Anamika: “Yes I do a vegetarian cooking and I love buying farm fresh veggies for my cooking. Sometimes I buy my ingredients online and they are delivered to my home, it is an effortless exercise but I personally feel it’s much more fun to go to the farmers market and it’s such a feast to the eyes with everything so fresh and lively. I am in my control to pick up the freshest and tastiest available vegetables and fruits. For spices I prefer using best of the Indian Brands and for few recipes I prefer grounding my own spices to make a masala mix to be used in the curry.”

Boondi Ladoos

Boondi Ladoos

nepchin: “When you put the food together, how do you go about the presentation and creative process?”

Anamika: “According to me the food platter should appeal to the eyes as much as it appeals to our taste buds. I not only love to cook but I love to serve my food in style too. It gives my food a wow factor and I honestly enjoy that moment. And when I have to blog about a dish, I start imagining about it and accordingly I do the layout, I prefer to shoot my food fresh, I love to play with the colour combinations around the main dish. I try to use less of props so that the focus in on the main dish more than anything else and last but not the least I play with my camera well keeping in mind the external light and other techniques.”

Mexican Salad with cheese and nachos

Mexican Salad with cheese and nachos

Oreo Ice Cream

Oreo Ice Cream

nepchin: “If only had one vegetable and one spice to make a lunch meal? What would it be and why?”

Anamika: “I will prefer to pick Potatoes and salt in such a given scenario. To me potatoes play a very versatile role in Indian as well as¬†International cooking and one can really experiment loads of recipes with it. To name a few that I can think of with just two things would be – Baked Potatoes, Baked Potato french fries, Boiled Potato veggie, Potato cutlet shallow fry , Mashed Potatoes.”


Hungry for more? The next post, Part 2, will have the rest of the interview with Anamika.

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