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Mad Cooking Fusions – Interview Part 2 of 2

nepchin - stained glass cookies

nepchin – stained glass cookies by Mad Cooking Fusions

Here is the final half of the tasty interview with MAD Cooking Fusions.

Lap, co-founder of nepchin, continues his food journey with Anamika!


nepchin: “You have a great blog and featured in Huffington Posts and numerous websites. When did you know that people were interested in your food expertise?”

Anamika: “I started my blog with the intention of keeping my kitchen experiments in a journal so that when my kids grow up it can be a help to them, they should not struggle learning to cook but with time I started getting responses from various sources and that’s when I felt YES this is it for me :). I felt great seeing myself featured in Huff Post and other renowned newspapers and emazagines. Not only my food but the food photos also got recognition. Now for me it’s my passion to cook and capture Food.”

nepchin: “What are the most popular questions you get from your followers? and do they send in photos of creating your recipes?”

Anamika: “I try and keep my recipes simple, using basic ingridients and that’s what is most liked by my followers. I get various queries and it varies from person to person. For example questions like can we use a particular spice in place of the one mentioned in your recipe or what can I substitute it with. I have a wide range of collection for Navratri Indian Fasting recipes and Indian Festival recipes and my readers love trying those and share the pics and feedbacks too. I love to take both positive and negative feedback from my followers as it helps me improve further.”

nepchin - mango icecream

nepchin – mango icecream by Mad Cooking Fusions

nepchin: “Are you a food critique? and do you help restaurants with their menus?”

Anamika: “To be a food critique one needs to fall in love with the food and from that angle if I see myself then yes I am a food critique. I do provide online reviews if required for any food or food photography related projects, from whatever little expertise I have achieved through my inhouse cooking experiments but I have not started helping restaurants yet.”

nepchin: “For the budding food critique out there? what is some advice you can give to those who want to be their own MAD blogger?”

Anamika: “Chase your dreams, just be yourself, love what you cook and be MAD ( make a difference) about it and rest will follow.”

nepchin - Mango Pomegranate Parfait

nepchin – Mango Pomegranate Parfait by Mad Cooking Fusions

nepchin: “Anamika, really fantastic to speak with you and MAD Cooking Fusions. Keep MAD!”

Anamika: “Thank you so very much, I enjoyed being part of it. Happy Learning & Cooking! After all it’s all about being MAD – Making a Difference in
lives of your loved ones! Here’s Anamika signing off :)!”


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