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Don’t know where to look?

Sometimes in life, we just can’t find what we need to buy because we just don’t know where to look. Often we don’t even know where to start. Why should we though. I only have to buy this one thing just this once and this world somehow expects us to be able to find it with apparent ease – it just doesn’t work like that! But why not? How many of us know where and how everything is sold in this borderless world constantly shaped by the internet and mobile technology. Read on.


Don’t have time to run around finding what you need?

With the concept of nepchin being something relatively new, we thought we would put together a few examples in real life where using would make your life easier.

In this first one, we understand that often we just don’t have time to run around finding what we need to buy.

“Life is full of so many priority 1 things. They were all supposed to be done yesterday! Whether you are a busy housewife ensuring kids are dropped and picked from school on time; they don’t miss their French lessons or swimming lessons; they are ready for the big match on Saturday; read on …..”