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Holiday Houses South Australia – Streaky Bay & Normanville

Recently nepchin ran a survey to seek feedback from our suppliers of Travel and Accommodation to see how we can continue to improve our service. nepchin also ran a random draw to award a prize of a USD$200 Gift Card to those who participated in the survey. The winner of the random draw prize is the team at Breakaway Holiday Accommodation.

Breakaway Holiday Accommodation equipped and appointed holiday houses (not shacks) at the two popular coastal holiday destinations of Streaky Bay and Normanville in South Australia. Both are great get away destinations and both are by the beach, what more can you want?! Post to reach your host Bernie for your break now.

Streaky Bay, South Australia to Normanville, South Australia:


Know the technical side of Wordpress? Voucher to be won.

nepchin Post Box WordPress 2011 Competition

nepchin Post Box WordPress 2011 Competition

Do you like helping non-IT bloggers to do things? You might already without knowing make technical things easier for users. nepchin thought we would run a little competition to see who would know how to help non-IT bloggers put our nepchin Post Box on their basic free wordpress blog. We are looking for the most simple and elegant solution.

nepchin Post Box

nepchin Post Box

The prize is a USD$100 gift card. Solutions should be sent to . see nepchin Post Box for WordPress 2011 for terms and conditions.

Some ideas could be that you:

1) create a plugin by using our iframe script. You can get this script by visiting nepstar – Affiliate Program Page. Use a 3rd party plugin or write your own code to wrap this script and make it work on WordPress. You must provide details about anything specific required by the end-user to install, i.e. do they have to install something first. It must be simple and straight.

2) create a plugin by writing new code yourself. You must ensure that the final product must look like the PostBox we have now. To see what the current PostBox looks like visit nepstar – Affiliate Program Page. You must provide details about anything specific required by the end-user to install, i.e. do they have to install something first. It must be simple and straight.

You might also have something completely different. so test your WordPress technical skill and experience for a chance to win a USD$100 voucher. The competition has started on the 10 Nov 2011 and will end on the 4 December 2011. nepchin will announce it on our blog.

‘Surprise Prize’ for members 888, 999, 1000!

nepchin is delighted to announce that the following were members 888th, 999th and 1000th respectively:
– Tresami Computer Engineering (New South Wales, Australia)
– Mauiindi Boutique Fashion (New South Wales, Australia)
– Media Support Services (Western Australia, Australia))

nepchin has been running a competition to award a surprise prize of USD$20 gift voucher for people who became our 666, 777, 888, 999 or 1000th member. so congratulations to Tresami Computer Engineering, Mauiindi and Media Support Services for winning.

Well done and nepchin will be in contact via email to send you your prize.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has joined nepchin thus far.

Winner “Suprise Prize” for new members – nepchin

Lastest winner of our ‘Surprise Prize’ for new members is Vicki from Congratulations Vicki! Nice to have you be part of the nepchin community. If you like to learn more about empowerment, you can reach her through her website or by posting a need on nepchin.

For new members who have joined nepchin, they automatically go into our ‘surprise prize’ competition. It’s really easy and there’s no effort involved. When members join nepchin and if they are our 777th, 888th, 999th or 1000th member, they get a surprise of a USD$20 voucher.

Winner of “something hard to find”

Another competition winner to announce is for ‘something hard to find’. Often we need to buy something that can be rare, not commonly available, not current, limited quantities or might just be at a unique place we have never heard of. This is where broadcasting it out to everyone what you are looking for, can help you find something, because they will know if they have it or they might know someone else who might have it.

The title of the post selected as the winner of ‘something hard to find’ was: “Flora of New South Wales, V:4” which is a book of Flora in NSW. The book is pretty hard to find especially this version as it is out of print and has 4 volumes that covers all native and naturalised vascular plants of New South Wales. Well done to Waz who wins a Mongolian Cashmere Scarf and Beanie.

If you have something hard to find, post it on nepchin and we will broadcast it out to the www and try and help you find it.

Winner of “most unusual” thing to buy

nepchin has been running a competition the last few months to help people find and buy the most unusual thing. There was a whole range of posts and the winning entry titled: “Designer Ring” from Tabita T was selected as the “most unusual”.

The “Designer Ring” that Tabita was looking for, was a vag badge that her friend wanted. It’s a little obscure to find and not commonly known. So well done to Tabita for trying to help her friend out. Tabita wins a USD$100 gift voucher from nepchin.

If you have something “unusual” to buy and dont’ know where to start, just Post your need and nepchin will broadcast it out to on our social channels such as Twitter, Facebook page and to all our members to help you try and find your unusual thing!

Chance to win Amazon Gift Vouchers and Mongolian Cashmere just for trying nepchin

It is always great to try new things and even better if you can perhaps win something.

With this in mind, we have put together a few competitions to make trying a little more fun and there is no entry fee to participate.

Surprise Prize

One of the easiest competitions is the ‘Surprise Prize’ competition. Just sign up to as new member. If you become member 777, 888, 999 or 1000 you will win the prize of a gift voucher. see Terms and Conditions here.

The next two competitions are ones to show how nepchin can be used as the starting point to buy things.

Do you have something that is just strange, obscure, not many people would know about, something just weird? Try the ‘Most Unusual thing to buy’ competition. Just post the ‘most unusual thing’ you want to buy, if we select it as the ‘most unsual’ then you win a USD$100 gift voucher. The most unusual might difficult to get, so if you post it on nepchin, we will start shouting it out over the social media channels Twitter and Facebook page that will notify as many people as we can. see Terms and Conditions here.

Ok you might not have something unusual, but you have something that is just really hard to find! who sells what you are looking for? where are they? so we have a competition for that really hard to find thing to buy. Post something that is ‘hard to find’ on and if we select it as the hardest thing to find, you will win a ‘Mongolian Cashmere Scarf and Beanie’. Again we will broadcast it out to our Twitter and Facebook page to see if we can help you find it. see Terms and Conditions here.

We are always looking to come up with ideas for new competitions or prize sponsors who would like to partner with us so feel free to send in your suggestions to us at

It is going to be interesting to see what people post as the ‘most unusual’ and ‘hardest thing to find’. Good luck with the competitions.