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Customer service in a crowded market

You have just completed replacing all your IT systems, streamlined all your operations, your on facebook and twitter all with the aim of being the best modern day company. Now your competing on the world stage. The game changed first with the internet then social networking but you have tackled it head on with alot of energy and pain. You are finally in the game.

That also means now you still have to compete not with just businesses in your local neighborhood,  also ones in your city, and the city in the state next to your state, then those states in your whole country. Then extend that to other countries and not before long, the gravity of market size and competition hits home.

What else do you do to compete? You have use the latest technologies, so do your competitors. You have facebook and so are your competitors. You are twittering but so are your competitors. You also get nepchin’s sales leads too. Now to keep and win the customer. You need something to differentiate yourself from the others. something hard to copy. The one thing that you can do better than anyone else and that is extremely hard for someone else to duplicate is YOUR customer service.

That’s right. Your customer service is about you which is distinctly unique.

How you speak to your customers, how you respond to their requests, how you place them first compared to your customers, how you know their preferences. By being attentive to your customers, by being personalised, your customer service can be the one area where you can differentiate yourself. Silver airline service? local corner shop? It is up to you. After all, there is only one you in the world. So even if the market gets crowded, standout with exceptional customer service that only you can provide.