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Know the technical side of WordPress? Voucher to be won.

nepchin Post Box WordPress 2011 Competition

nepchin Post Box WordPress 2011 Competition

Do you like helping non-IT bloggers to do things? You might already without knowing make technical things easier for users. nepchin thought we would run a little competition to see who would know how to help non-IT bloggers put our nepchin Post Box on their basic free wordpress blog. We are looking for the most simple and elegant solution.

nepchin Post Box

nepchin Post Box

The prize is a USD$100 gift card. Solutions should be sent to . see nepchin Post Box for WordPress 2011 for terms and conditions.

Some ideas could be that you:

1) create a plugin by using our iframe script. You can get this script by visiting nepstar – Affiliate Program Page. Use a 3rd party plugin or write your own code to wrap this script and make it work on WordPress. You must provide details about anything specific required by the end-user to install, i.e. do they have to install something first. It must be simple and straight.

2) create a plugin by writing new code yourself. You must ensure that the final product must look like the PostBox we have now. To see what the current PostBox looks like visit nepstar – Affiliate Program Page. You must provide details about anything specific required by the end-user to install, i.e. do they have to install something first. It must be simple and straight.

You might also have something completely different. so test your WordPress technical skill and experience for a chance to win a USD$100 voucher. The competition has started on the 10 Nov 2011 and will end on the 4 December 2011. nepchin will announce it on our blog.


Add Value Australia is now a nepStar

nepstar add value australia

nepstar add value australia

Australian Financial Services Firm ‘Add Value Australia’ is now a nepStar. They have put the nepchin Post Box on their website and everytime someone posts on their nepchin Post Box, they will receive AUD$1. Awesome!

‘Add Value Australia’ is in Werribee, Victoria and provide the following services on:
– Asset Growth
– Business Planning
– Estate Planning
– Profit Improvement Planning
– Risk Management
– Systems Development

Not just an accounting firm, but financial and business strategists for higher income families.

Got to nepchin now to get your Post Box today.

Mongolexpat is now a nepstar

nepstar mongolexpat

nepstar mongolexpat

Popular mongolian expat site,, is now a nepstar. They aim to make your life easier in Mongolia. Now with their very own nepchin Post Box, they will make your life even easier in Mongolia. Whenever you Post on their nepchin Post Box, we will notify suppliers for you, whether you are looking for a tour guide to take you around the Gobi Desert or the Eagle festival; maybe you fancy a Mongolian traditional wall hanging; or you need something from home in Australia. Just Post what ever you need to buy and we will notify the suppliers for you. Helping Mongolexpat make your life in Mongolia easier.

Mergen Chuluun is now a nepStar

One of Mongolia’s leading entrepreneur and business leaders is now a nepStar. Mergen Chuluun is the founder of Web Guru – web design and internet marketing agency in Mongolia. Mergen through his blog offers a fascinating insight into his thoughts on the current issues in mongolia, business and his passion for basketball.

Mergen has put the nepchin Post Box on his blog. Now for every post through Mergen’s Post Box, Mergen will earn AUD$1 and if that is for travel or accommodation related needs, AUD$1.50. When people post, they can now reach mary martha of mongolia or if they are Aussie expats, Australia suppliers with out needing to look them up. We think that’s pretty cool and makes Mergen a nepStar!

nepstar mergen chuluun

SUAMS is a nepStar

The Sydney University Association Malaysian Students recently implemented our Post Box on their website. You can see it here. Now, anyone who makes a Posts through their nepchin Post box SUAMS will earn them AUD$1. If it happens to be travel and accommodation related, that’s AUD$1.50

suams nepchin Post Box

suams nepchin Post Box

nepStar – use your blog or website to earn $


Like to earn some extra dollars from your blog or website?

Just put our nepchin Post Box on your blog or website.

Every time a visitor makes a Post through your Post Box, nepchin will give you AUD$1. If the Post is for Travel or Accommodation, nepchin will give you AUD$1.50.

Til the end of August, if you put the nepchin Post Box on your blog or website, nepchin will also give you AUD$20.

Become a nepStar and get your Post Box from terms and conditions apply.

nepStar Post box

“Post a need” for your website

Last month we gave an update on the hundreds of suppliers who joined nepchin. It was alot of hard work and we were thinking of the some ways to share with people the work we did.

So in a nutshell, we are able to help people “post once” and “notify many” suppliers. Save customers time and effort from having to look up and then contact suppliers individually.

Well now you can have your very own nepchin box, sit on your own web page.

All you have to do is just cut and paste some small code using our script generator on our homepage at

Then you will have your own nepchin box too! It then allows anyone on your website to post a need on nepchin.

Go to our homepage and get your own nepchin box now.