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The Orange Basket 2

In a our previous post, we released our video ‘The Orange Basket‘. It was about Mr and Mrs Orange trying to search and look for an Orange Basket. We also showed some pictures for a sneak peak of the behind scenes. Now in this next video we show the other side in the ‘The Orange Basket 2‘, where The Basket Shop Keeper is trying to sell his baskets! The Shop Keeper tries to generate sales leads via TV and Web Marketing with little results and then finally subscribes to sales leads on nepchin for his baskets.

on set with the camera

City set

City set

shooting a frame

shooting a frame

with the Basket Shop Keeper

with the Basket Shop Keeper


The Orange Basket

Lately we’ve been working on some videos to show what nepchin is all about. Something entertaining and also fun. The first one we have made is called ‘The Orange Basket‘ which we have posted on Youtube.

The Orange Basket - cast

It’s about Mr and Mrs Orange trying to search and look for an Orange Basket and all the problems they encounter while trying to search on the internet, no results, too many links etc. They post it on nepchin, and we notify the Basket Shop Keeper who makes them an offer, which they accept. So simply starting with the Customer, we help them find and notify the Supplier. Take the hassle out of finding the Supplier, have them come to the Customer.

We had special help from Domo, a close relative, who kindly produced the videos for us. Which basically means he did all the work, creative, directing, producing! It was enjoyable though to get into another creative side of nepchin. The style of video we have made is stop-motion. It involves moving your props for each frame and taking a picture. Then all the photos are compiled together as a running video. So as you can appreciate, it is quite labour intensive so after doing this, makes us appreciate animated movies all the more. There were quite a few hundred photos taken. Here are few photos from behind the scenes and seeing Domo at work.

The set - 'The Orange Basket'

Mr and Mrs Oranges turning the PC on

Oranges in The Orange basket

If you like the song we chose for the background, it is ‘All of this’ from a New Zealand up and coming band, ‘The naked and famous‘. They released their debut album ‘Passive me, Aggressive you’ late last year, went number 1 in NZ – first NZ band to do so in decades. They toured on the Big Day Out in Australia and now are currently touring in Europe with America next over the horizon. They also have a blog so you can see what they are up to on their tour. Check them out because they are really an awesome band.