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Examples of Construction and Building Supplies from China – nepchin

In our last post nepchin, talked about our new business listings from ChinaFind, western procurement professionals based in China, who can help you source whatever you need to buy especially Construction and Building Supplies. nepchin were asked what kind of Construction and Building Supplies that could be sourced. So we have gone and asked the Professionals abit about what they can source for you and here is what they have had to say:

Price competitiveness of Chinese glass is very high due to the large volume and established international market for Chinese glass. Almost all markets are primarily importing glass as opposed to manufacturing.

Advantages: glass can be produced to any size or specification and can be fitted with frames or additional labour intensive work carried out in China at low cost such as treating or polishing.

Insulated Glass Units & Double Glasing

There are all types of flooring. Any material used as the finish surface of a floor, such as boards, bricks, planks, tiles, carpet, laminates, and linoleum.

The most popular type of wood flooring is hardwood flooring, with an increasing popularity of bamboo floors.
Increase efficiency of building with floor tiles. Trials have shown up to 300% increase in heating and cooling efficiency by increasing the radiant conductivity of the surface area. Instead of using timber or carpet, use tiles to help owners save on their energy bills. The life cycle of tiles are much greater (examples of tiles from B.C. can be found today) and they can be recycled. Cleaning and upkeep costs are also lower.

Tiles & Mosaics
Bricks & Paving
Wood and Faux Wood Flooring
Acrylic & Laminated Flooring
Bamboo Flooring

Frames and profiles
Think outside the square. No doubt the frame or profile you will weld together will have been imported from China, why not have the welding done in China as well? Windows and doors can be pre-fitted with frames and larger constructions are possible only limited by the size of a 40’ ocean freight container.
For windows, internal fittings (e.g. mirrors, signage, banisters )
Building Frames
Door frames
Garage & Roller door frames
Warehouse shelving and storage solutions

Due to labour costs and high production volumes China is a very good source for flat packed cabinetry supplies. Made to specification and broad range of quality and specific production techniques are available to suit any project.
Kitchens Cabinetry
Furniture, wardrobes, cabinets.
Walls and fixed furniture such as wood panels.

Store & Office Fit Outs
Made to spec and shipped flat packed, save by buying direct. Most large fit outs are made to measure in China.

China is still the leading supplier of furniture and almost all furniture suppliers are sourcing their products from China. Order in significant quantity and save big money by buying direct from the source.

Bathroom & Sanitary ware
Bathroom fittings
Anti-theft & Vandal proof
Aged care & Handicapped

Interior doors
Security doors
Glass doors
Garage & Warehouse doors
Stone & Countertops:
Acrylic, Marble & Quartz
Sanitary ware
Bench tops and counters

Signs & Signage
From promotional material to outdoor LED advertising billboards
Standards & Certifications

Every country has unique regulatory requirements on the use of building materials via a set of certifications and building standards. For example, glass may need to be able to withstand a certain pressure or level of insulation. Certifications such as UL, CE, may be required to meet local building regulations.
Chinese factories can usually meet these requirements or obtain certifications but there is a cost involved in this process. We must understand that the cost of meeting these certifications are relative.

Is the major driver, if your quantity is large all expenses such as certifications costs, shipping, labour – they are all relatively lower. When making purchasing decisions factory the quantity into the decision first. Whether the quantity is large varies greatly between product types however a rule of thumb is if it will fill a freight container it is definitely sufficient quantity to import from China.”

There you go guys, a tip of the iceberg from procurement professionals in China. That’s quite a few products so if you are in the building industry and you need source goods from China, you can start by just posting your need on nepchin and the professionals in China will be notified by email of your requirements.